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Claims for L&AH

Take Claims Management to the Next Level

The right claims management software lets insurers automate and manage the entire claims lifecycle optimizing the business while delivering a great experience. Claims for L&AH meets these criteria with a comprehensive claims management platform that delivers impressive results in some of the most demanding claims operations.

Flexible, Simplified and STP First Claims

Automate and streamline claims from eligibility check, benefit applicability, and claims summary to post-submission claim form editing for a wide array of insurance products including dental, life, vision, accident, long-term care, disability, critical illness, hospitalization and more. Take advantage of a flexible, simplified, STP-first, and automated claims operating environment, with extensive calculation and payout options for benefit amounts, payment schedules, adjustments, overpayment, delayed claim interest and OFAC checks.

Advanced Claims Management

Leverage end-to-end claims management from intake to settlement and payment. Manage appeals, reopen, hold/release, void, resubmit, and archive claims with single-point-of-change functionality. A 360-degree dashboard for every claim allows a unique cross-LOB claim view, discrepancy management to align claim data with policy, and an event center to monitor claims timelines as well as action plans.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

Deliver end-to-end, digitally enabled claims handling to meet customer expectations and future demands, with case-driven straight-through processing, exception workflow, and support for various channels of engagement. A highly configurable and business rules-driven platform that empowers claims adjusters to meet demanding customer expectations.

L&AH Core Suite Solutions

Policy for L&AH

A powerful, single platform for individual, group, and voluntary benefits to grow your business and follow your customer’s life journey.

Billing for L&AH

A cutting-edge platform that transforms billing from a back-office function to key enabler for customer experience and business success.

Exceptional Claims Management from Intake to Settlement

Deliver responsiveness, customer value and business process improvements.

Case-Driven Management with Straight Through Processing

Automate and streamline case management with always-on processing.

Flexible Calculations and Payout Options

Create flexibility in your business and improved experiences for customers.

Better Claims Outcomes

Built-in, rules-based best practices, workflows, and third-party integrations.


What is claims management software?

Claims management software facilitates and automates the processing of claims for insurance companies. This process begins at First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and continues until final adjudication. This is where a claim is paid or in some cases denied. Claims management software is designed to streamline each of an insurance company’s internal processes within this workflow, allowing staff to be more productive while making better claims determinations.

How does a Cloud solution streamline the process?

Cloud solutions allow carriers to access their data and solution from anywhere at any time. In addition, Cloud solutions help to automate manual processes, help businesses keep up with technological changes, and simplify disaster recovery.

What does comprehensive claims management include?

For a solution to be considered comprehensive it should at a minimum have features for document management, process/workflow automation, and claims settlement. Top-tier providers include additional features that further improve the user experience and productivity.

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