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Achieve Growth and Innovation through Digital Transformation

The L&AH market is evolving, pressuring insurers to improve both operationally and innovatively to stay relevant, drive growth and create long-term value. To meet customer needs, insurers must look to replace legacy operating models and core systems to deliver tailored, simple, affordable, digital products and services for individual, group and voluntary benefits that are grounded in value and trust. Insurance products with compelling customer experience and value-added services that meet the needs of life, health, wealth, and financial wellness bring broader market growth opportunities. Capturing these opportunities requires next-generation core platforms that meet these dynamic demands of customers today and in the future.

  • A Robust Platform

    A Robust Platform

    Majesco L&AH Intelligent Core Suite is a powerful, Cloud and API-enabled platform that supports Individual, Group and Voluntary Benefits, supporting portability of benefits to an individual product. Built to enable business growth across the customer’s lifecycle, the suite of solutions brings innovative capabilities for developing new products, services, and experiences that can change the game.  

  • Rapid Innovation with Out-Of-the-Box Capabilities

    Rapid Innovation with Out-Of-the-Box Capabilities

    A robust library of pre-defined and ready-to-use product features, templates, rules, calculations, workflows, and best practices with reuse attributes for rapid product innovation and launch. 

  • Optimized and Touchless Administration

    Optimized and Touchless Administration

    Optimized straight through processing (STP) – until choices need to be made; once a choice is made, it provides STP to realize true speed to value and competitive market position.

  • Easy Upgrades

    Easy Upgrades

    Proactive and automated monthly updates of new features and functionality for the Majesco software to keep your business up-to-date and ready for what’s next.  

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Intuitive Dashboards

    Intuitive and easy to read dashboards providing 360-degree view of the customer across policy, billing, and claims.

  • Powerful Case Management

    Powerful Case Management

    Powerful case management and workflow framework with robust capabilities for role and work assignments, queues and skill-based adjudication enabling full automation levels. Wizard-driven screens for complex transactions and multi-step processes.

  • Cloud and API-Enabled

    Cloud and API-Enabled

    Majesco L&AH Intelligent Core Suite is Cloud and API-enabled, bundled with expert services for a true competitive advantage and differentiation at speed, the right price and scale. 

  • Architecture & Standards

    Architecture & Standards

    Built on next-generation architecture and open standards, combining an intuitive user experience with industry best practices collaborating with leaders and innovators within the industry. 

  • Powerful Digital Experiences

    Powerful Digital Experiences

    Majesco Digital 360 Solutions provide next-gen digital experiences beyond portals and mobile to customers and agents offering them what, where and when they want it. Unlock innovative capabilities from a curated ecosystem of solution and data partners to create personalized experiences for today and tomorrow. 

  • Data Rich

    Data Rich

    Data and analytics are the fuel for innovation and digital transformation. Majesco Analytics solutions including business intelligence and AI/ML analytics create and share meaningful data insights that can drive productivity and growth, while accelerating business transformation 

  • A Robust Platform
  • Rapid Innovation with Out-Of-the-Box Capabilities
  • Optimized and Touchless Administration
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Powerful Case Management
  • Cloud and API-Enabled
  • Architecture & Standards
  • Powerful Digital Experiences
  • Data Rich

“This new administrative platform for our supplemental health solutions will help us continue to innovate and enhance our capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our clients and customers.”

Marc Jeffreys, Head of Supplemental Health Solutions, Cigna

Insurance Solutions

Intelligent Core Suite

A powerful core suite empowering business growth, digital acceleration and innovation for individual, group, voluntary benefits, and innovative products on a single platform. 

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions that jump start your digital transformation journey and help build a sustainable, competitive advantage in today’s digital age. 

Analytics Solutions

A sophisticated data and analytics platform that helps insurers turn data into actionable insights and drives real business results.

Distribution Management Software

Robust distribution management solution that delivers onboarding, licensing, compensation, and reporting capabilities for growth.

Risk & Compliance Solutions

Extend digital transformation with a robust set of risk and compliance solutions built to keep pace with market dynamics, customer needs and increased risks.


EcoExchange is a next-generation partner ecosystem hub that uses third-party services for a true plug-and-play environment.


What is life insurance software? 

Life insurance software assists insurance companies in administrating life insurance policies for their policyholders. This includes coverages such as Whole Life, Term Life, AD&D, UL, Critical Illness, Accident, Hospital Indemnity, STD, LTD, Dental, Vision, Legal, Fixed Annuities, Medical Supplement, Heart & Stroke, and Cancer across individual, and group and benefits.

What does real-time policy administration mean? 

Real-time policy enables insurers to follow the trend of “mass customization” to tailor services and customer experiences in real-time, tailoring policies, display preferences, pricing, among other options, to fit every individual preference, requirement, and lifestyle. 

What encompasses a comprehensive technology solution? 

Any comprehensive solution should include modules to assist carriers with policy administration, billing, and claims. These should be Robust Out-of-the-Box Capabilities with pre-defined and ready-to-use product features, templates, rules, calculations, and workflows. 

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