Thought Leadership

Next-Gen Platforms in Group and Voluntary

Exploiting new opportunities across the worksite ecosystem

With an estimated $19 trillion protection gap in the US market, there is a massive market opportunity for group and voluntary products. However, a fundamental rethink is overdue, and traditional thinking and approaches are not sufficient to seize this opportunity.  Increasingly, to be competitive in the Group and Voluntary sector requires a broad proposition, extending into new services with new partners, all underpinned by a technology foundation capable of adapting to customer needs fast – whether they’re an employer or employee.

It’s no longer simply about providing life and disability insurance for employees.  Employers want and expect a broader range of products and services to attract and retain talent, particularly as the fight for talent is intensifying. Employees want a relationship that feels relevant to them and one that addresses their needs beyond solely insurance. And, for the products they really like and value, employees don’t want to be tied to their current employer to keep them when they venture off to new jobs.

Read this report to learn more about:

  • The forces that are reshaping the group and voluntary landscape
  • The tremendous opportunity for diversified plays that extend beyond traditional offerings
  • How to build stickier, long term relationships by engaging with employees during relevant life events