About Majesco

The Majesco Story

Majesco helps the insurance industry not only keep pace with change, but stay ahead of it, without compromising the safety and reliability insurance must deliver.

Insurers know their customers expect the same engaging, simple experiences they enjoy from far less complicated categories like entertainment and food delivery. Majesco is ready today to help you deliver that experience. We’re a software company with insurance DNA; we are built for continuous evolution through relentless innovation.

The insurance industry can no longer afford to react, it needs to lead. We give customers the confidence to decide, the products to perform, and the follow-through to execute to make insurance faster, easier and better for all.

Get to Know Majesco

We know where the industry is headed.
We know next-gen insurance software.
We know how to deliver digital business transformation.
We know how to listen.
We know it’s about time.

Who We Are

Experts in insurance, digital software platform development, and business transformation working shoulder to shoulder with complete dedication to customer results.

What We Do

We help insurers modernize, innovate, and deliver customized experience today’s customers demand, at a speed and scale other insurance software companies can’t match.

Why Majesco

We have the real-world experience and discipline to deliver now, with the vision to lead your team well into the future. That’s why the world’s top insurers trust us with their most important projects.



Majesco Congratulates MMG Insurance on Inclusion in Datos’ Insurance Technology Impact Awards Case Study Compendium 2023

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