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About Majesco

Agile, Nimble,

The Future of Insurance
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We combine our technology, expertise and leadership to help insurers modernize, innovate and connect to build the future of their business – and the industry – at speed and at scale.

Who Are We?

Our people are the best in the industry. Known for unparalleled industry expertise, domain knowledge and customer focus. Recognized for innovation and vision.

What Do We Do?

Cloud-computing, microservices-based and API-enabled. Our technology works in the cloud to help carriers transform complexity into simple experiences that make innovation faster and easier.

Why Majesco?

First in the industry to move to the cloud, we have a head start on our competitors, and when it comes to the world’s top insurers and analyst firms, we’ve earned our seat at the table.

We help insurers move fast and thrive on change.

Speed to Implementation, Market, and Revenue

Speed to Implementation, Market, and Revenue

Weeks/Months Instead of Years
Get up and running in weeks or months instead of years, so you can develop and launch new products with ready-to-use tools and start driving business growth with minimal upfront cost
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A Platform for Growth

A Platform for Growth

3x-4x Ahead of the Competition
High-growth insurers are 3-4x ahead of industry laggards in embracing market trends like cloud, APIs, and microservices. We help you lead the next-generation of insurance.
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Vision for the Future

Vision for the Future

Focused On What's Next
Experts with our fingers on the pulse of where technology and the industry are headed, we help you bring new ideas to life and create real business outcomes.
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The Future of Insurance Starts With You