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Insurance Data Analytics Solutions

Powerful Analytics Solutions that Uncover Strategic Insights

Data and analytics are the fuel for innovation and digital transformation. To accelerate growth, carriers need to leverage their operational data, as well as new, innovative sources of data. Majesco’s Analytics Solutions empower businesses to create and share meaningful data insights that can drive productivity and growth, while accelerating business transformation.

  • Data Architecture Ready for the Future

    Data Architecture Ready for the Future

    Capture, analyze, and utilize data to discover actionable insights to drive innovation, growth, and profitability.


  • Powerful Data-Driven Decisions

    Powerful Data-Driven Decisions

    Uncover opportunities for growth and expansion, differentiation, efficiency, and strengthened customer experience across your entire organization.

  • Accessible Analytics to Empower the Enterprise

    Accessible Analytics to Empower the Enterprise

    Easily create new dashboards and reports with out-of-the box templates that put insights into the hands of decision makers across the enterprise.

  • Single Source of Truth for Speed and Certainty

    Single Source of Truth for Speed and Certainty

    Unleash powerful insights from both traditional and new, innovative external sources of data.

  • Data Architecture Ready for the Future
  • Powerful Data-Driven Decisions
  • Accessible Analytics to Empower the Enterprise
  • Single Source of Truth for Speed and Certainty

Data solutions like Majesco Enterprise Data Warehouse and Enterprise Data Model enable carriers to aggregate their policy, billing, and claims data into a powerful single source.

Martina Conlon, Head of P&C Insurance Practice, Aite-Novarica

Transform Data into Results

Business Intelligence

Empower your business with advanced Business Intelligence capabilities tailored for both P&C and L&AH carriers, driving strategic insights and growth.

Property Intelligence

Revolutionize property risk assessment and underwriting processes with our Property Intelligence offering, enhancing decision-making and profitability for insurers of all sizes.

Subrogation Intelligence

Elevate your claims management efficiency with Subrogation Intelligence, a cutting-edge solution that employs advanced analytics to identify and optimize subrogation opportunities, maximizing recoveries and minimizing losses for insurers.

Generative AI

Experience generative AI with Majesco Copilot to simplify insurance complexity and improve user experience.

Data Lakehouse

Unlock data to achieve actionable insights with our transformative Data Lakehouse solution that integrates all data from our core, digital and loss control solutions designed to empower insurers with comprehensive data-driven capabilities.


What are data analytics?

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw forms of data to create insights from for business decisions. Decisions about the direction of an organization are now being impacted by data analytics and the information it provides.

What is BI?

Business Intelligence utilizes services and software to turn data into actionable insights that influence an organization’s future business decisions.

What is machine learning?

A technique of analyzing data that makes analytical model building automated. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that is built on identifying trends from data and making choices with little human element factored in.

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