Majesco Customers


Heritage Insurance

“We wanted something that was going to give us a very good solution from beginning to an end. They’ve got the people and the resources to bring it to that best level. And we choose them, we thought that they had the best from beginning to end.”

Ernie Garateix
COO, Heritage Property & Casualty


“For us, it was more about expertise and how we wanted to partner up with a group like Majesco to help us with our business drivers.”

German Mendoza

CopperPoint Insurance Companies

“The disruption that is imminent in the insurance industry, and I think Majesco will be a good partner, a good leader for us, and good resource for us that happen to help us on our journey.”

Yvette Gonzales
Senior VP & CIO, CopperPoint Insurance Companies

Etiqa Insurance

“Gave us an end to end suite of life insurance process, all the way form web front end to staffing resources, to booking new business underwriting, claims processing, policy services all the way to our back end systems.”

Nyeoh Kok Tih
EVP, Information Technology, Etiqa

Erie Insurance

“Majesco's functionality, services, commitment to quality, and engagement in relationship catapulted Majesco to the top of list among other leading vendors.”

Gordon Gibbens
Lead Systems Analyst, Erie Insurance

US Assure

“US Assure looks upon Majesco as an industry-leading solution provider and a reliable IT partner.”

Andy Ferguson
President, US Assure

Catholic Mutual Group

“We are now able to service our clients much better, we are able to get invoices out in a speedier fashion than before.”

Mary Ellen Freyermuth
Director of Management, Information Systems, Catholic Mutual Group

The Responsive Auto Insurance Company

“Majesco brings to the table the whole package the solution, not just the technology but as well a professional team with a lot of knowledge from insurance perspective all the way to technology.”

Oscar Tello
Vice President Technology
The Responsive Auto Insurance Company

Max Life Insurance

“We had challenges coming our way in growth .in the number of branches and locations across India, salesforce doubling up, number of agents doubling up. They had a ready solution, they had experience on board with regard to domain to implementing, designing systems with regards to life insurance perspective.”

Hitesh Arora
Executive Vice President & Head of Information Technology
Max Life Insurance

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