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Intelligent Sales & Underwriting Workbench

Quote, Rate, and Renew Made Simple

Experience the flexibility, scalability, speed, and performance world-leading insurers rely on every day. Purpose-built for group and voluntary benefits insurance, Intelligent Sales & Underwriting Workbench solutions provide AI-driven software for group and benefits insurers. The production-proven, best-of-breed sales and underwriting workbench is standalone and agnostic to various policy, billing, and claims software solutions. The multilingual solution provides robust configurable components for quoting, rating, proposals, enrollment and automated renewals for all benefit products and group sizes.

Group, Voluntary, and Worksite Benefits Solution

Our Intelligent Sales and Underwriting Workbench enables straight-through processing (STP), and configurability to create persona-based experiences for brokers, agents, underwriters, and actuarial users. The cloud-based solution leverages powerful rule, content, and rating engines to enable dynamic proposal creation, reduce quote turnaround time, and reduce costs helping you write more business in less time.

AI to Drive Innovation

New business and renewal periods challenge benefits sales & underwriting teams to meet the demands of customers and distribution partners. Artificial Intelligence can optimize the processes, maximize profitability, and increase customer satisfaction. AI-powered tools put you at the forefront of innovation, securing new opportunities and gaining a competitive edge. Intelligent Sales & Underwriting Workbench brings these opportunities to reality.

Transform the Customer Experience

Intelligent Sales & Underwriting Workbench enables carriers to transform new stages of the customer lifecycle, from onboarding and enrollment to automated renewals and individual medical underwriting for voluntary benefits. Seamlessly upsell and cross-sell voluntary benefits to individual plan members enhancing the holistic customer experience while increasing business productivity and internal communication through its many benefit solutions.

Component: Streamline Client Onboarding

  • Optional components aid in further transforming the employee benefits business.
  • Streamline the onboarding process with a purpose-built enrollment solution that enables persona-based digital experiences for clients, plan members, benefits administrators, and more.
  • Complement the enrollment process with an employee self-service portal providing anytime access to clients and employees with a clear and frictionless method for plan members to make required changes.
  • Seamlessly complete medical underwriting forms with a rules-based application that facilities quick, easy, and reliable responses from plan members.
  • Create simple or complex documents with Policy Document Center transforming proposals into contracts, booklets and certificates while tightly integrating with the Underwriting Workbench.

Intelligence: AI to Streamline New Business and Renewals

  • Extend the capabilities of components with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning.
  • Leverage predictive analytics with New Plan Design Recommender, decreasing quote turnaround time providing you with a better understanding of your business and a higher chance of selling the policy.
  • Utilize Workload Recommender to help Underwriting Managers increase team productivity and optimize resources with artificial intelligence by suggesting the most effective distribution of quotes among team members.
  • Meet revenue goals and customer expectation through AI Recommendation Engine, securely processing data from several sources to generate recommendations in seconds.
  • Effectively correct and supplement census data with AI Census Scrubber which intelligently makes decisions regarding missing and incorrect data due to analysis of large quantities of census data.
  • Increase client retention and profitability with the Renewal Recommender to leverage predictive analytics to recommend alternative renewals with cost containment recommendations.

Productivity: Optimize Quote Times

  • Empower external users with productivity tools tied to an underwriting workbench.
  • Provide producers with the autonomy to generate quick quotes using pre-configured plan templates and track sales productivity.
  • Significantly reduce quote times by accessing the Quick Quote & Express Quote tool, enabling quick and configurable plan designs that calculate rates in seconds.
  • Allow carriers to link different quotes together for rating purposes and automatically recommend a block adjustment of premiums with the Block of Business functionality.
  • Enable quoting of multiple products with census data for groups of any size in real-time or batch.
  • Schedule modelling runs and view the resultant changes for all quotes individually, as well as the average across the block of business, contributing to continuous improvement over time.


What is Straight-through processing?

Straight-through processing (STP) describes the ability of financial services systems to process electronic transactions without manual intervention.

What is predictive modeling?

Predictive modelling uses a carrier’s historical data with machine learning to create predictions about future events and behaviors. It can help carriers reduce quote turnaround time by identifying areas that could benefit from less human intervention and more automation.

What is an Underwriting Workbench?

Majesco Global IQX workbench is a single interface that sits on top of one or more existing systems. It can be thought of as a “single pane of glass” or a user experience platform (UxP) for underwriters and experts delivering underwriting processes and propositions to clients.

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