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Enable Change at the Speed of Risk

In today’s digitally driven economy, risk itself is changing faster than it used to. Majesco does not believe in managing risk by avoiding change. The combination of Majesco’s cloud platform and core solutions bridge the gap between what is needed today and the future.We give you the confidence to decide, the products to perform, and the follow-through to execute, all at the speed our competition can’t match.  

Speed to Value

Deliver value as quickly as your business – and customers – demand.

Digital Delivery

Connect with customers in ways that are innovative, hyper-relevant, compelling, and personal.

Digital Transformation

Transform complexity into simple experiences that make innovation faster and easier.

Empower Innovation

Leverage the next wave of innovation in insurance to future-proof your business.

Insurance Solutions

P&C Core Suite

P&C Core Suite provides the flexibility and speed needed to innovate and stay ahead of customer expectations. Complete with next-gen solutions it helps drive significant and sustainable growth and operational effectiveness by empowering the insurer to create their future.

L&AH Core Suite

L&AH Core Suite reimagines individual, group, and voluntary benefits with innovative new products that meet the digital expectations and needs of today’s customer.


ClaimVantage is a leading enterprise claims management solution for L&AH that not only meets federal and state compliance leave demands, but provides easy, seamless Absence, Accommodation, and Integrated Disability Management (IDAM) capabilities. 


What is a core suite?

A core suite for either P&C or L&AH insurance companies includes policy, billing and claims components that are pre-integrated across the three, providing a solution that supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a policy.

Why should insurers replace their core systems?

Today’s insurers want the power to run their business on a single platform, to innovate, create and manage the products and content they need to respond to shifting customer demands and market opportunities, and to extend their business with compelling digital and data capabilities. Core Suite gives insurers the power, flexibility, and speed to innovate and create profitable growth year after year.

What are the key characteristics of a digital P&C core platform?

Today’s digital experience is much more than putting a portal on top of your core system. Your core must be built on next-gen technology including cloud, APIs, and Microservices. It must be highly configurable, customer-centric, deliver straight-through processing, and be content-rich to support speed and scale. The next-gen core cloud platform enables you to rethink and innovate your business as a “digital-first” business, from your processes to your products, to meet the unique needs and expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s customers … with speed and scale.

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