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Enterprise Claims for Operational Excellence

ClaimVantage is recognized as a top enterprise claims management solution for L&H insurance market and a leader in Absence, Accommodation, and Integrated Disability Management (IDAM) to meet operational and federal and state compliance leaves demands. ClaimVantage provides a valuable, established enterprise claims solution with market-leading absence and accommodation management capabilities to meet the unique needs for disability income products for customers including insurers, TPAs and large employers. 

Enterprise Claims for Insurers and TPAs

A multi-tenant platform as a service enables insurers and third-party administrators (TPAs)

Claims Optimization

As the L&H industry enters a new decade, insurers recognize the need to optimize claims operations to deliver business profitability and long-term value for their customers. Robust disability claims with integrated absence and accommodation management is a priority for employers looking for sustainable growth.

Built on Salesforce Platform

Built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, ClaimVantage ensures your data is indemnified by hosting on Salesforce in secured data center. The ClaimVantage solutions are native to the Lightning Platform, and therefore all customer data is hosted by Salesforce in a secure data center.

ClaimVantage Solutions

ClaimVantage Claims for L&AH

Majesco ClaimVantage Claims for L&AH eliminates legacy software issues to transform the way you process claims, today and into the future.


Digitally record, track, and manage absence and disability for each customer in one end-to-end integrated claim management solution, built natively on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Secure Platform

All data is hosted on the Salesforce public cloud infrastructure, benefitting from their industry-leading cloud security processes and policies, encompassing physical, network, application and data-level security.

  • From back-end code vulnerability scans to the front-end access to that data; everything is indemnified and secured by Salesforce
  • Control access to your data depending on your requirements, including specific IP addresses, multi-factor authentication and use profiles for each user type, giving individualized access, views and permissions
  • Salesforce’s data centers are in geographically diverse locations around the world. With locations across the US, Europe and Japan, your data will most likely be stored in a data center closet to your company’s physical location

Integration Ease for Flow of Information

One of Salesforce’s strengths is its integration capabilities, which allow you to import and export all necessary information into the ClaimVantage products, streaming the claims process on one digital platform.

  • Powerful APIs tie together the various layers of the Salesforce platform architecture to improve the flow of information across your entire business
  • Access all information related to a specific person or company in one central location avoiding data duplication
  • Integrate third-party apps, such as DocuSign, from the Salesforce AppExchange to leverage their capabilities with the ClaimVantage products

Scalable & Flexible

IT resources, such as database services, application servers and the infrastructure required to run applications, are shared in a multi-tenant environment. These centrally managed resources can be standardized and optimized for use by all customers, efficiently and more cost-effectively.

  • Configurable tasks and workflows enable the products to satisfy a broad range of user needs
  • Launch new products and services quickly using built-in pre-integrated content, interfaces and partner solutions
  • Scale your business to accommodate additional storage or user licenses without a significant change in performance

“Enterprise claims opportunities are both increasing and coming “down market” to meet the expanded demand for disability income and other complementary products as part of voluntary benefits offerings. This comes in concert with a growing need for robust absence management capabilities to address a broadening array of state-level requirements, playing directly to a strength of ClaimVantage. Majesco’s financial strength, recognized leadership position for policy administration, coupled with ClaimVantage solutions, provides group and voluntary benefit insurers with a solution set where the merged entities will be stronger and more compelling than just the sum of the parts.”

Rob McIssac, Head of Life, Annuities and Benefits Insurance Practice, Aite-Novarica


What is the Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce recently changed the name of their development platform from to the Lightning Platform. This change reflects updates they have made to their platform in recent years.

The Lightning Platform allows developers to create and deploy cloud applications, with built-in features that are native to the platform, such as mobile functionality, business processes, reporting, and search functionality.

Do I need Salesforce to use ClaimVantage applications?

Yes. ClaimVantage has built multiple applications on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Our customers must have an active Salesforce license before installing a ClaimVantage application. Luckily, ClaimVantage is a Gold ISV partner, which means we have established relationships with Salesforce sales representatives around the world so we can assist you in purchasing these licenses as part of the sales process.

What are the benefits of Cloud-based Technology?

There are many benefits to implementing cloud-based technology, including but not limited to, cost-savings, quicker deployment to production, less internal responsibility, reduced need for hardware, and anywhere, anytime access. 

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