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Majesco Policy for L&AH

Seize Growth Opportunities and New Customers

Policy for L&AH empowers businesses to seize growth opportunities in a hyper-competitive insurance market. This customer-centric solution rapidly adapts to market changes, ensuring that individual, group, and voluntary benefits insurers stay at the leading edge.

Drive Customer-Centric Growth

Foster a customer-centric environment that captures, retains, and grows your customer base with an innovative platform featuring an enhanced underwriting excellence and an innovative design. Experience extensive product breadth and flexibility, along with the ability to “pick and choose” features, enabling you to achieve speed to value.

Empower Speed & Agility in Underwriting and Policy Management

Optimize your operations with a full-lifecycle platform that delivers true speed-to-value. Leverage out-of-the-box capabilities to rapidly launch new products or group plans, including a powerful rating engine. Utilize a suite of ready-to-use product templates, rules, calculations, workflows, and optimized straight-through processing to get up and running quickly.

Streamline Case Management

Harness the power of dynamic case management functionalities for work assignments, queues, and skill-based adjudications. Streamline the entire claims management process, from intake to settlement and payment, with case-driven straight-through processing and exception workflow, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

L&AH Core Solutions

Billing for L&AH

Transform your billing processes into a key enabler for exceptional customer experience and business success with our cutting-edge platform. Seamlessly integrate advanced features and functionalities to optimize billing operations and improve customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative solution, designed to maximize your business’s growth and success. 

Claims for L&AH

Enhance the claims process with speed, ease, and responsiveness, ensuring a remarkable customer experience and driving improved business outcomes. Our advanced solution empowers you to optimize claims handling, streamlining operations for efficient and seamless customer service. Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge technology and propel your business forward in the L&AH insurance industry.

Innovative Product Chassis

Leverage an innovative product chassis to support multiple insurance entities, analyze consolidated product views, accelerate time to market, and enhance user productivity and cost-efficiency.

  • Support multiple insurance carriers, underwriting companies, and TPA’s on the same platform instance.
  • Analyze a consolidated view of all products across various lines of business, enabling comprehensive insights and streamlined operations.
  • Accelerate time to market by swiftly analyzing, implementing changes, and rolling out product and plan specifications.
  • Enhance self-sufficiency and reduce costs by improving user productivity and knowledge, resulting in increased efficiency and lower expenses.

Empowering Speed & Agility in Underwriting and Policy Management

Gain speed and agility in underwriting and policy management with robust features, rapid product launch capabilities, ready-to-use templates, and extensive product flexibility for streamlined operations and accelerated value delivery.

  • Utilize robust features for work assignments, queues, and skill-based adjudications to streamline operations.
  • Rapidly launch new products or group plans, including a powerful rating engine, to capitalize on market opportunities.
  • Employ a suite of ready-to-use product templates, rules, calculations, workflows, and optimized straight-through processing for efficient operations.
  • Achieve speed to value by leveraging extensive product breadth and flexibility, along with the ability to “pick and choose” features that suit your specific needs.

Drive Operational Excellence with Straight Through Processing

Enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experience with an “always on” platform, automated processes, faster transaction processing, and seamless service delivery.

  • Improve operational efficiency by automating administration and streamlining processes.
  • Experience faster processing times with automated end-to-end transaction processing.
  • Realize cost savings by minimizing manual efforts and reducing errors.
  • Enhance the customer experience with faster response times and improved service delivery.

Unleash the Power of APIs for Seamless Policy Functionality

Drive digital innovation, handle data efficiently, and foster seamless connectivity with a wide range of APIs, enabling rapid product introductions, scalable data management, seamless integration with third-party platforms, and optimized decision-making based on actionable insights.

  • Rapidly introduce new products, services, and features to the market with a digital-first approach.
  • Efficiently handle increasing volumes of data and transactions, even during peak periods, through scalable cloud architecture.
  • Seamlessly connect to third-party platforms, data providers, InsurTech solutions, and other external systems.
  • Enable seamless data sharing and reporting to optimize decision-making based on actionable insights.


What are the characteristics of an L&AH Intelligent core suite?

It has policy, billing and claims components that are pre-integrated across these three sectors. Also, it possesses a solution that supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a policy.

What’s the importance of L&AH insurers replacing their core systems?

The groundwork of any improvement comes back to the core principles of innovation and technology. Many growth and operational advancements need substantial investments. The wave of technology like L&AH Intelligent Core Suite is developing and insurers need to meet the modified market.

Is it critical to have one platform for individual and group/voluntary benefits?

When insurers use one individual platform for their group/benefits and individual benefits, it provides a clear pathway for growth and customer retention. Numerous systems boost expenses and make it more difficult for customers, especially with the popularity of voluntary benefits increasing.

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