Core Software

Policy for L&AH

Seize Growth Opportunities and New Customers

Policy for L&AH delivers a cutting-edge policy platform with robust business capabilities to seize growth opportunities in a hyper-competitive market. It is a customer-centric solution that rapidly adapts to market changes – keeping individual, group and voluntary benefits insurers at the leading edge.

Growth and Innovation

Create an environment of customer-centricity to capture, retain and grow your customer base with a platform that has an innovative chassis design and provides enhanced underwriting excellence. Achieve speed to value with extensive product breadth and flexibility along with “pick and choose” features.

Speed to Value

Realize true speed-to-value with an optimized, full-lifecycle platform with out-of-the-box capabilities. Take advantage of the ability rapidly launch new products or group plans including a powerful rating engine. Get up and running fast with a suite of out-of-the-box product templates, rules, calculations, workflows and optimized straight-through processing.

Dynamic Case Management

Utilize powerful case management features for work assignments, queues, and skill-based adjudications. Streamline end-to-end claims management from intake to settlement and payment, with case-driven straight through processing and exception workflow.

L&AH Core Solutions

Billing for L&AH

A cutting-edge platform that transforms billing from a back-office function to a key enabler for customer experience and business success.

Claims for L&AH

Build speed, ease, and responsiveness into the claims process, creating a great customer experience while improving business outcomes.

Innovative and Flexible Product Design

Innovative product chassis with “pick and choose feature” flexibility.

Powerful Rating and Case Management

Gain speed and agility with powerful, highly configurable underwriting and policy management.

Touchless Administration with Straight Through Processing

Operational excellence with a robust, “always on” platform and intuitive dashboards.

Digital First Design with Expansive API Ecosystem

Hundreds of APIs for access to all policy functionality in one platform.


What are the characteristics of an L&AH core suite?

It has policy, billing and claims components that are pre-integrated across these three sectors. Also, it possesses a solution that supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a policy.

What’s the importance of L&AH insurers replacing their core systems?

The groundwork of any improvement comes back to the core principles of innovation and technology. Many growth and operational advancements need substantial investments. The wave of technology like L&AH Core Suite is developing and insurers need to meet the modified market.

Is it critical to have one platform for individual and group/voluntary benefits?

When insurers use one individual platform for their group/benefits and individual benefits, it provides a clear pathway for growth and customer retention. Numerous systems boost expenses and make it more difficult for customers, especially with the popularity of voluntary benefits increasing.

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