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ClaimVantage Claims for L&H

Digital Transform Your Claims Operation

ClaimVantage Claims for L&H enables insurance companies and TPAs to modernize and optimize their individual, group and benefits claims operations today and into the future. It streamlines the claims process through the full life cycle of a claim, from intake through payment calculation, integrating multiple systems to improve the flow of information across your business.

Optimized Claim Management

Customers expect seamless interactions with businesses today, conducted with simplicity, transparency and speed, and insurers are no exception. Legacy systems, with their siloes of data, spreadsheets, paper files and manual workarounds, are preventing insurers from evolving their operations. These rigid frameworks make it difficult to introduce new, or to reconfigure current, insurance processes.

Advanced Technologies for Claims Excellence

To support future initiatives, such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, upgrading core systems is critical. Our cloud-based software allows you to digitize the claims process to effectively manage group, individual and worksite benefits end-to-end, from intake through adjudication and payments.

Insight Drive Claims

ClaimVantage Claims improves the accuracy and timeliness of claim decisions along with better insights to make data-driven decisions. Eliminate paper files while storing everything electronically on one central platform, improving operational effectiveness. This results in reducing operational effort by 30% to increase efficiency.

ClaimVantage Solutions


Digitally record, track and manage absence and disability for each customer in one end-to-end claim management solution, built natively on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Comprehensive Claims Management

Support the full life cycle of group and individual L&AH claims, from intake through payment calculation, on one digital platform.

  • Reflexive questioning ensures all necessary information is captured at claim creation
  • Designed to drive efficiency and usability, minimize the number of screens and keystrokes required to adjudicate claims
  • Improve the quality of calculated outputs, including benefit calculations, payment calculations and corrections, scheduling, frequency, expense payments and automated offset calculations
  • Manage a wide range of products, including disability, life, accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity on one central platform, with the ability to integrate with Absence or Accommodation Management to further support your customers

Enhanced Customer Experience

Omnichannel options support digital engagement to meet the demands of today’s customers.

  • Provide claimants with access to real-time information 24/7, at their own convenience using a device of their choice
  • Guide claimants through claim creation and the easy uploading and downloading of required documents
  • Real-time updates between the back-end claim system and front-end portal improve the user experience for all system users

Powerful Platform

Built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, the underlying architecture provides innovative capabilities that continue to evolve, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

  • Robust APIs support the integration of multiple systems to improve the flow of information, driving accuracy and timely claim decisions
  • Highly configurable automated workflow tasks empower system administrators to adapt quickly to meet changing needs
  • Pre-configured business rules, letters and templates support the timely launch of new products
  • Powerful reporting capabilities across all fields in the system supports data-driven business decisions

Claimant-Centric Claims

Support customers when they need it most with a claimant and beneficiary-centric system. All claims are linked to a specific event to easily navigate each step of the process.

  • Comprehensive overview of all open and historical claim information, across all products, in one place
  • Provide customized correspondence to each contact, for clearer communications
  • Tailor payment calculation and release schedules based on payees’ needs

“Our commitment to customers to help them build better futures with our products and focus on customer care will be significantly enhanced with this upgrade move to the cloud of the Majesco ClaimVantage Claims Management platform.”

Clodagh Elliott, Director of Corporate Business Operations


Are there any enhancements to ClaimVantage Claims?

The newest enhancements include enriched eligibility and risk management for claims allowing the ability to define the waiting and elimination periods at the coverage level, rather than the policy level.

What is the benefit to upgrading and moving to the cloud for claims management?

The growing demands of customers and the need to optimize the claims operation is a key driver in digital transformation. The upgrade and move to the cloud will accelerate digital transformation while driving operational effectiveness, enhanced customer experiences that will enable agility, speed and innovation.

What are some of the top claim challenges Insurers face in L&AH?

Providing excellence in customer service that meets rapidly changing consumer demands is a growing problem. Managing claims efficiently while striving to improve claim outcomes is another challenge for insurers.

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