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ClaimVantage Claims for L&H – Claims Management Software

Digitally Transform Your Claims Operation

ClaimVantage Claims for L&H revolutionizes the way insurance claims are processed and managed. This cutting-edge enterprise software solution built on native Salesforce Lightning Platform streamlines the entire claims lifecycle, providing a powerful and intuitive platform to handle claims efficiently and effectively. Insurers can proactively identify fraudulent activities, expedite claim processing times, and deliver superior customer service. The robust features and embedded advanced analytics empower insurers to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operational performance.

Optimize Claims Management

Embrace modernization and streamline claims operations to meet customer expectations for seamless, transparent, and fast interactions, unshackling your business and team from legacy systems and their data siloes, spreadsheets, paper files, and manual workarounds.

Advanced Technologies for Claims Excellence

Keep at the leading edge to support future initiatives, technologies and partners by leveraging our native cloud software that digitizes the claims process and efficiently manages group, individual, and worksite benefits from intake to adjudication and payments.

Insight Driven Claims

Enhance claim decision accuracy and timeliness, gain valuable data-driven insights, eliminate paper files, centralize storage, and boost operational effectiveness, reducing effort by 30% for increased efficiency.

ClaimVantage Claims Solutions

Integrated Disability and Absence Management

Digitally record, track and manage absence and disability for each customer in a fully integrated end-to-end claim and absence management solution, built natively on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Optimize the full life cycle of individual, benefits, and group L&H claims, from intake through payment calculation, on one native cloud digital platform.

  • ClaimVantage Claims for L&H empowers you to accelerate claims processing, resulting in faster decisions and payouts. This reduces waiting time for policyholders, enhancing their overall claims experience.
  • The software offers policyholders a user-friendly interface to easily submit claims and track their progress online. It establishes clear communication channels, ensuring transparency and facilitating seamless interactions throughout the claims journey.
  • ClaimVantage Claims for L&H captures and stores policyholder information digitally, facilitating personalized service. This capability allows for tailored communication, timely updates, and proactive support, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enable digital engagement to meet the demands of today’s customers.

  • With ClaimVantage Claims for L&H, you can expedite claims processing, leading to faster decisions and payouts. This reduces the waiting time for policyholders and enhances their overall claims experience.
  • The software offers a user-friendly interface for policyholders to submit claims and track their progress online. It provides clear communication channels, ensuring transparency and ease of interaction throughout the claims journey.
  • Enable you to deliver personalized service by capturing and storing policyholder information digitally. This allows for tailored communication, timely updates, and proactive support, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Data Driven Insights

  • ClaimVantage Claims for L&H utilizes advanced analytics to provide insurers with data-driven insights, enabling faster and more informed claims decisions. This empowers you to process claims efficiently and effectively, reducing delays and improving operational performance.
  • The data-driven insights facilitate transparency throughout the claims process, enabling insurers to identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and optimize resource allocation. This enhances operational efficiency and overall claims management effectiveness.
  • Proactively manage risks by leveraging data analytics to detect patterns and anomalies indicative of potential fraud. By identifying and addressing risks early on, you can safeguard their interests and maintain fair and accurate claims processing.

“We have been working with Majesco ClaimVantage Claim Management platform for over 13 years. Last year we made a decision to upgrade our system and move to the cloud platform. As we continue to digitally transform our business, this latest version will provide expanded and innovative capabilities that will drive operational effectiveness, but most importantly an enhanced, superior claims experience. We are looking forward to our continuing long-term partnership and excited about the possibilities for the future.”

Clodagh Elliott, Director of Corporate Business Operations


Are there any enhancements to ClaimVantage Claims?

The newest enhancements include enriched eligibility and risk management for claims allowing the ability to define the waiting and elimination periods at the coverage level, rather than the policy level.

What is the benefit to upgrading and moving to the cloud for claims management?

The growing demands of customers and the need to optimize the claims operation is a key driver in digital transformation. The upgrade and move to the cloud will accelerate digital transformation while driving operational effectiveness, enhanced customer experiences that will enable agility, speed and innovation.

What are some of the top claim challenges Insurers face in L&AH?

Providing excellence in customer service that meets rapidly changing consumer demands is a growing problem. Managing claims efficiently while striving to improve claim outcomes is another challenge for insurers.

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