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Integrated Disability and Absence Management (IDAM)

Disability and Absence Claims on One Platform

The growing and complex regulatory changes and shift of employees working from home, either permanently or in a hybrid model, accelerate the demand for integrated disability and absence management to ensure compliance that helps reduce operational and legal risks. 

Delivering Superior Customer Experience

Insurance companies and TPAs with a digital solution that provides integrated disability and absence management are well-positioned to provide customers with a single point of contact for their benefits, avoiding duplication and simplifying the employee experience.

A Value-Added Service Opportunity for Growth

It’s increasingly difficult to stay on top of federal and state paid and unpaid leave laws and the transition to remote working is adding an additional layer of complexity. This complex landscape has created a significant market demand for absence management. Insurance companies can create market differentiation by expanding their offerings to include absence management as an integrated value-added service.

Confident Compliance

The platform is built and updated by industry experts, keeping you confidently in compliance with ever-changing federal and state FML, PFL, and PFML regulations.

ClaimVantage Claims Solutions

ClaimVantage Claims for L&AH

ClaimVantage Claims for L&AH eliminates legacy software issues to transform the way you process claims, today and into the future.

Optimize Operations

Integrated disability and absence claims on one digital platform to:

  • Provide a single point of intake for all claims
  • Improve the flow of information with automated tasks, configurable workflows, and automated eligibility determinations
  • Automate workflows and notifications configurable by client, allowing you to focus on managing claims rather than on administrative steps
  • Automatically generate tasks to confirm each step in your process is complete, helping ensure compliance
  • Automatically determine employee eligibility and entitlement for all applicable leaves
  • Keep employers and employees updated with automated email, letters or text messages
  • Better manage each case end-to-end

Gain Insights to Drive Decisions

Utilize best practice pre-built reports and dashboards to provide insights across all IDAM claims

  • Create ad-hoc reports using drag-and-drop functionality across all fields in the solution to make data-driven decisions
  • Access information digitally from any location, based on the permissions established by you for each system profile
  • Portal access allows employees to create claims, obtain notifications and forms, and access real-time updates

Absence & Accommodations

Take advantage of an integrated approach to managing this complex block of business

  • Effectively manage multiple federal and state leave types for FMLA, disability, and ADA requests
  • Meet state deadlines with Oregon PFL capabilities in compliance with Accommodations for Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.
  • Trust our absence experts to stay on top of regulatory changes, so you can focus on your business
  • Be more confident with compliance audits while providing a better overall customer experience

“Majesco’s Absence Management solution provides robust leave and absence management capabilities and enables us to administer claims accurately, efficiently and in compliance with statutory, federal, and state regulations.”

Steve Urban, President, Administrative Concepts


What is IDAM?

IDAM stands for integrated disability and absence management.

What is an IDAM solution?

An IDAM solution is a software used by companies to manage employee disability benefits and leaves of absence on one central platform. By integrating disability and absence, companies can provide employees with a single point of contact, avoiding data duplication and improving the customer experience.

Why should insurance companies and TPAs provide IDAM?

Adding absence management to an existing disability program enhances a company’s portfolio and provides them with a value-added service offering that’s increasingly sought after by corporates who can no longer manage employee absences on their own.  By integrating disability benefits and absence management, companies can better manage each case end-to-end while achieving cost and administrative efficiencies.

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