Leverage unique, ready-to-use capabilities and services from our Partner Ecosystem to power your shift to Digital Insurance 2.0

The Majesco Partner Ecosystem powers our platform solutions' network effect with a broad, collaborative and innovative network of partners that extends both within and outside the insurance industry. The unique capabilities available in this ecosystem give our customers a powerful edge in their shift to Digital Insurance 2.0.

Strategic Partners

Majesco strategic partners are a select group of companies that we work closely with to provide broader value to the industry and our customers, beyond delivery or specific solutions, helping them rapidly adapt to the market changes, shift to Digital Insurance 2.0 and capture growth and innovation opportunities.

Delivery/SI Partners

Majesco leverages the unparalleled expertise and experience of our delivery / SI partners to ensure successful, low-risk and high-value implementations of Majesco solutions.

Industry Partners

Majesco is capitalizing on the culture of sharing and collaborating by actively engaging with industry organizations to understand how the digital age is reshaping insurance. In doing so, we are informing, engaging and educating the industry on the biggest innovations and trends that are reshaping insurance.

Solution Partners

The shift to Digital Insurance 2.0 requires insurers to rapidly design and launch innovative products and services that meet new customer needs and expectations. To do so, insurers must have access to a broad array of powerful data and solution capabilities. Majesco's solution partners fulfill this requirement, delivering a broad ecosystem of traditional and InsurTech capabilities to accelerate insurer's growth and innovation strategies.

Uniquely, some of these partners are also part of the Majesco Digital 1st EcoExchange™ — a "Find and Bind" platform that eliminates long and expensive integrations that hinder an insurer's ability to keep pace with increasing customer expectations and the drive for growth and innovation. These EcoExchange partners have published apps that insurers can easily access to enable quick and successful rollout of their custom products and solutions.



  • Appulate

    Solution Partner, Channel Engagement

  • BluePrint

    Solution Partner, Other

  • CalcFocus

    Solution Partner, Third Party Service, Quote to Claims Components

  • CyberSource

    Solution Partner, Payment Gateway

  • Deloitte

    Strategic Partner, Delivery Partner

  • Denim®

    Solution Partner, Channel Engagement

  • Digital Matrix Systems

    Solution Partner

  • DOOR3

    Solution Partner, Customer Experience

  • DropIn

    Solution Partner

  • eGain

    Solution Partner, Customer Experience

  • Elafris

    Solution Partner, Quote to Claims Components

  • Fenris

    Solution Partner

  • Fusion

    Solution Partner, Customer Experience, Data & Analytics

  • HazardHub

    Solution Partner

  • IASA


  • IBM

    Strategic Partner, Delivery Partner

  • Invoice Cloud

    Solution Partner, Payment Gateway, Third Party Service

  • iSign

    Solution Partner, Document

  • ISO

    Solution Partner, Third Party Service, Content Partners

  • LexisNexis

    Solution Partner, Third Party Service


    Solution Partner, Third Party Service, Data & Analytics



  • LOMA


  • MGAA


  • MIB Group, Inc

    Solution Partner, Content Partners

  • Microsoft Azure

    Solution Partner



  • Pitney Bowes

    Solution Partner, Document, Third Party Service

  • Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator


  • Splice Software

    Solution Partner, Customer Experience, Quote to Claims Components

  • Step Solutions

    Solution Partner, Quote to Claims Components

  • Symcor

    Strategic Partner



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