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P&C Core Suite


Insurance Core
Systems Built For
Speed To Value

P&C Core Suite

P&C Core Suite Capabilities

Capitalize on new and unforeseen market opportunities with the power, speed, flexibility and innovation to create profitable growth

Product innovation

Prebuilt capabilities and content to rapidly launch new products

Speed to value

Rich variety of content, including out of the box, ISO-based rates, rules and forms to stay ahead of competitors

Underwriting excellence

Improve risk management and underwriting decision quality

Business agility

Best-practice business processes and automated monthly content and software updates to keep you focused on growing your business

Create the Future of Insurance on a Powerful Platform

Innovate, create and manage all P&C insurance products that define the future of insurance.

Insurance product breadth and depth

Exploit preconfigured products and content for rapid deployment in any line of business.

  • Supports all lines of business for personal, commercial and specialty.
  • Extensive, ready-to-use content including over 4,000 forms, 14,000 data fields and 40,000 rules.
  •  Pre-defined products for all states and jurisdictions to rapidly deploy or easily customize so you can launch to market faster.
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Delight new and existing customers with speed and convenience

Pre-defined, built-in tools and workflows for skill-based underwriting and straight-through processing.

  • Streamline and enhance risk management assessment and underwriting decision quality with integrated analytics, automated processes and exception underwriting.
  •  Leverage pre-integrated content, data sources, and partner solutions to rapidly deploy new products and services.
  • Accelerate innovation using unique technologies, data and capabilities from a rich ecosystem of traditional and InsurTech partners.
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Efficient regulatory compliance

Standard rating content consumed with minimal intervention from staff to ensure efficient, timely regulatory compliance.

  •  Ready-to-use Bureau content, including ISO-based rates, rules and forms.
  • Pre-built integrations with solution and content providers, and multi-lingual/currency and locale management tools provide unsurpassed capabilities and flexibility.
  • Automated, monthly Bureau content and software updates so that you’re always up-to-date and in compliance.
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Delivery & Consulting Services for P&C Insurance

Ensure delivery success as you transform your P&C insurance business

How insurers are securing their
place in the future of P&C insurance

As P&C core insurance platform adoption continues to accelerate in North America and core capabilities rapidly become commoditized, CIOs must turn their attention to assessing deployment models and integration capabilities required to accelerate their digital business technology platform vision.

Sham Gill, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner

Our commitment to our customers for a personalized, best-in-class experience at the right price during a time of market disruption and opportunity will be greatly enhanced with the implementation of the Majesco platform. From the beginning, Majesco’s commitment to a rapid and quality delivery was pivotal to this successful implementation.

Steve Wagner, President at AmCap Insurance

Organizations preparing for the future increasingly rely on modern core systems like Majesco P&C Suite that allow them to connect the back, middle and front–office to deliver speed to value. To enable and accelerate this journey, orchestrating a broad set of digital services like Majesco Digital1st Insurance that integrates with the core suite is becoming a prerequisite.

Karlyn Carnahan, Director of North America at Celent

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A core suite for P&C insurances includes policy, billing and claims components that are pre-integrated across the three, providing a solution that supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a policy.

Today’s insurers want the power to run their business on a single platform, to innovate, create and manage the products and content they need to respond to shifting customer demands and market opportunities, and to extend their business with compelling digital and data capabilities.

With Majesco P&C Core Suite gives insurers the power, flexibility and speed to innovate and create profitable growth year after year.

Today’s digital experience is much more that putting a portal on top of your core system. Your core must be built on next-gen technology including cloud, APIs, and Microservices. It must be highly configurable, customer centric, deliver straight-through-processing, and be content-rich to support speed and scale. The next-gen core cloud platform enables you to rethink and innovate your business as a “digital-first” business, from your processes to your products, to meet the unique needs and expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s customers … with speed and scale.

The Future of Insurance Starts with Majesco P&C Core Suite