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Empower Business Growth, Digital Acceleration and Innovation on a Single Platform

L&AH Intelligent Core Suite uniquely supports individual, group, and voluntary benefits on a single platform, recognizing that nurturing and retaining customers, regardless of where they originate, is critical to insurers’ growth strategies. The suite provides essential core insurance capabilities for policy, billing, and claims. The powerful design and innovative product chassis enable rapid adaptation for new, innovative products or benefit plans, giving insurers the power, flexibility, and speed needed to capture market opportunities and keep them at the leading edge of customer needs and expectations.

L&AH Intelligent Core Suite

A powerful intelligent core suite empowering business growth, digital acceleration and innovation for individual, group, and voluntary benefits traditional or innovative products on a single platform. Accelerate digital transformation and address legacy debt to respond to today’s pace of change for customer centricity, operational effectiveness, and innovation of products and benefit plans to keep you at the leading edge. 


A powerful, single platform for individual, group, and voluntary benefits to grow your business and follow your customer’s journey. 


An innovative platform that transforms billing from back-office function to key enabler for customer experience and business success. 


Build speed and responsiveness into the claims process – creating a great customer experience and improving business outcomes.

ClaimVantage Claims for L&H

Built on the multi-tenant Salesforce Lightning Platform, ClaimVantage Claims for L&H enables insurers and third-party administrators (TPAs) to invest in next-gen claims to meet the increasing demand for optimized claims across a broad portfolio of individual, group, and voluntary benefits products. 

ClaimVantage Claims

ClaimVantage Claims for L&AH provides a robust solution for simple to complex claims that automate and transform the way you process claims, today and into the future.


A robust integrated solution to streamline the life cycle for disability and absence claims providing end-to-end efficiency, compliance, and user experience.

Intelligent Sales & Underwriting Workbench

Intelligent Sales & Underwriting Workbench solutions provide AI-driven software for group and benefits insurers. Majesco’s best-of-breed sales and underwriting workbench is standalone and agnostic to various policy, billing, and claims software solutions.


What is a L&AH Intelligent core suite? 

An intelligent core suite includes policy, billing and claims components that are pre-integrated across the three, providing a solution that supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a policy.

Why should L&AH, group and benefits insurers replace their core systems?

The underpinnings of any overall improvement come back to innovation and technology. Growth and operational-oriented areas like digital experience, new products, fluidness underwriting, a back-office refresh, touchless claims, and new channels, require investments. The next generation of technology like L&AH Intelligent Core Suite is maturing – Cloud, API, and microservice-based solutions that are rich in capabilities and content to meet an ever-changing market.

Why is a single platform for both individual and group/voluntary benefits important?

Using a single intelligent core platform for individual and group / benefits provides the ability for insurers to grow and retain customers regardless of where they initially start. Voluntary benefits are increasingly popular and offer insurers an opportunity to port a benefit to an individual product when employees leave their employment but want to retain their insurance. A single platform allows insurers to do this, rather than having multiple systems that do not support customer centricity and increase costs.

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