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Workforce Management for L&AH Insurance

Digital is transforming insurer products and services, breaking down barriers for new entrants, and impacting customer engagement. Majesco offers a powerful set of risk & compliance solutions that operates as standalone or with our intelligent core solutions including Absence & Accommodation Management. These solutions help insurers better support their customers while delivering a seamless integrated experience.

Absence and Accommodation Solutions

Market leading, cloud-native leave and absence management platform with the latest Federal and State FML, PFL and PFML regulations, providing confident compliance audits. Majesco’s team of absence experts reduce operational administrative burden and help insurers manage leaves more accurately.

Accommodation Management 

Effectively manage ADA & ADAAA accommodation requests to support employees at work and assist employees in returning to work.

Absence Management

Absence Management is a cloud-native, absence management software solution designed to automatically determine employee eligibility, reducing the operational administrative burden. Majesco employs a team of absence experts to keep the system updated with the latest Federal and State FML, PFL, and PFML regulations, providing confident compliance audits and helping you to manage leaves more accurately. 

“By partnering with Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management, built on the Salesforce Platform, we’ve been able to deliver integrated disability and absence management experience for our clients as well as support their premium growth objectives.”

Kathy Serunian, Head of Claims, FullscopeRMS


What is an absence management solution? 

An absence management solution is software used by companies to manage employee leaves of absence, such as FMLA, PFL, PFML or other federal, state, and municipal leaves. An absence management solution can be used to determine an employee’s eligibility for various leaves automatically. 

Why should insurance companies and TPAs provide absence management? 

As more leave regulations are passed and updated, it’s become increasingly difficult for employers to manage their employees’ leaves while staying compliant. Providing absence management alongside disability insurance is a value-added service that’s increasingly coveted in the market. 

How does an absence management solution improve the employee experience?

Leveraging a cloud-native absence management solution provides companies with the ability to automate tasks, processes, and communications, which leads to better employee engagement. Companies can also provide a self-service portal that enables employees to request leaves from their phone, view time remaining and upload important documentation. 

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