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Distribution Solutions Built for a Multi-Channel World

With customer expectations changing rapidly, companies need to create distribution advantages that give them a unique and competitive advantage to acquire and retain customers. For insurance organizations to grow, expanding market reach with broader channels and products is a “given” necessity. Our Distribution Management solution is a next-generation platform that helps expand distribution channels to drive growth and optimize operations in a multi-channel world.

Distribution Software

Unparalleled ability to expand distribution channels, drive growth, achieve speed-to-market and create ease of doing business.

Distribution Management

Create and execute innovative distribution strategies to optimize existing channels and rapidly expand new ones.


What is an insurance distribution management platform? 

Distribution management platforms must enable insurers to manage their distribution force with increasing sophistication including managing existing and new channel options, such as marketplaces, embedded insurance in other businesses, comparison sites and direct distribution as well as compliance including licensing and appointment, compensation, and producer relationship management.

How does Majesco’s distribution management platform support different channels? 

Majesco’s distribution management platform enables insurers to optimize their distribution channels with rich digital, distribution and data capabilities including unlimited lines of business, products, compensation structures and hierarchies across both P&C and L&AH segments, built-in reporting and analytics with a robust data warehouse, centralized producer relationship management and performance monitoring, and built-in document management capabilities. 

How does Majesco support digital, data, and distribution management to meet carriers’ needs? 

A 3D strategy – digital, distribution and data – to build, manage and optimize a multi-channel network —from front to back office. Majesco Distribution Management provides a new platform that brings digital, distribution and data together for a new era of insurance to help insurers optimize and grow their business.

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