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Accelerate Your Transformation Journey

Tremendous changes are underway in the L&AH and Group insurance industry. Keeping up with the changes – and taking advantage of the opportunities – requires a shift to next-gen core systems that embrace platform technologies, including cloud, APIs, microservices, artificial intelligence or machine learning and ecosystems.

Next-Gen Platform for L&AH and Group

Built for Individual, Group, and Voluntary Benefits to enable business growth and enable the customer’s lifecycle.


Innovative capabilities for developing products and experiences that can change the game. 


Cloud-enabled and complete with expert services for a true competitive advantage. 

Digital Ready

Create powerful digital experiences that improve interactions between insurers, partners, customers, and channels.

Insurance Solutions

Intelligent Core Software

A powerful intelligent core suite for L&AH covering all lines of business and supporting new products to empower accelerated business growth and innovation. 

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions that jump-start your digital transformation journey and help build a sustainable, competitive advantage in today’s digital age.

Analytics Solutions

A sophisticated data and analytics platform that helps insurers turn data into actionable insights and drives real business results.

Distribution Software

Robust distribution management solution that delivers onboarding, licensing, compensation, and reporting capabilities for growth.

Risk & Compliance Solutions

Extend digital transformation with a robust set of risk and compliance solutions built to keep pace with market dynamics, customer needs and increased risks.


EcoExchange is a next-generation partner ecosystem hub that uses third-party services for a true plug-and-play environment.


What is a L&AH Intelligent core suite? 

An itelligent core suite includes policy, billing and claims components that are pre-integrated across the three, providing a solution that supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a policy. 

Why should L&AH group and benefits insurers replace their core systems? 

The underpinnings of any overall improvement come back to innovation and technology. Many growth- and operational-oriented areas like digital experience, new products, fluidless underwriting, a back-office refresh, touchless claims and new channels, require investments. The next generation of technology like Majesco L&AH Core Suite is maturing – Cloud, API, and microservice-based solutions that are rich in capabilities and content to meet an ever-changing market.Intelligent

Why is a single platform for both individual, group and voluntary benefits important? 

Using a single intelligent core platform for individual and group / benefits provides the ability for insurers to grow and retain customers regardless of where they initially start. Voluntary benefits are increasingly popular and offer insurers an opportunity to port a benefit to an individual product when employees leave their employment but want to retain their insurance. A single platform allows insurers to do this, rather than having multiple systems that do not support customer centricity and increase costs.

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