Majesco Digital1st Insurance™

The first Digital Engagement and Microservices Platform-as-a-Service for the entire insurance industry.

A ground-breaking micro-services based solution set that enables the next era of customer engagement and supports a new generation of business models and products.

Succeeding in the Digital Age

Customer experience and engagement is priority #1

Business innovation is mandatory

Ecosystems extend value

Speed to value is the differentiator

The Majesco Digital1st Insurance™ portfolio will enable insurers to design customer journeys – tailored to their customer needs, and on their customer terms – cutting through traditional insurance silos (systems and lines of business) to create end-to-end, highly personalized and engaging customer experiences.

This innovative portfolio of digital solutions delivers cloud-based, real-time, insurance-specific capabilities through a micro-services based platform that helps insurers adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing competitive landscape.


Create personalized portals with sales and service functions for both P&C and L&A

Leverage a wide variety of Majesco and 3rd party services, easily integrated via a semantic layer

Design and track marketing, sales and services journeys


  • Micro-services based platform for building and running digital apps
  • Ready-to-use ACORD-based P&C and L&A insurance models

Majesco Digital1st Insurance™ portfolio enables the insurance industry to shift more rapidly to the digital age with the power to …


Create amazing customer experiences


Innovate products and services


Leverage a vast ecosystem


Embrace an on-demand world


Capture market opportunities


Compete in the digital age


Change the industry

Nearly every insurer is embarked on several digital journeys to engage more effectively and directly with their policyholders, distribution partners, and broader ecosystem. Majesco Digital1st Insurance™ is a portfolio of solutions designed to enable those journeys. It includes an innovative microservices platform to support products and business models in an on-demand world.

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