Digital Solutions

Digital Underwriter360 for P&C

Insight Driven Digital Underwriting Platform

Property/casualty underwriting is at the heart of the insurance business. The underwriting discipline has taken important leaps forward by providing technology solutions to automate
parts of the workflow and provide the underwriter with new insights and scores to augment their risk analysis. Now, underwriting is poised to take another great leap forward – and the changes coming over the next 5-10 years are expected to completely revolutionize commercial and specialty lines underwriting.

Insurers Expect Big Changes

The underwriting discipline has taken important leaps forward by providing technology solutions to automate parts of the workflow and provide the underwriter with new insights and scores to augment their risk analysis. With Digital Underwriter360, underwriting will to take another great leap forward and keep ahead of the changes coming over the next 5-10 years that will revolutionize commercial lines underwriting.

Moving Forward: Digital Thinking & Platform Vision

Forming a framework to support digital underwriting requires thinking differently about the roles, processes, and technologies that enable digital transformation. Next-generation underwriting needs to provide a digital underwriting platform with three attributes that are key to digital thinking: intuitive, integrated and insightful.

Technology Prowness

What is required is really a digital underwriting platform that enables not only today’s workflow and process but elevates the process and automation. This new evolution of underwriting is powered by next generation underwriting solutions that leverage a digital no code/low code platform, AI and advanced predictive analytics, and new communication and collaboration tools.

Insurance Solutions

Digital Agent360 for P&C

Delivers next-gen customer intelligence, insights, engagement, personalization, and training that empowers agents to sell insurance products faster.

Digital Enroll360 for L&AH

Integrated with L&AH Core Suite, it enables group, benefits, and worksite self-enrollment by employees for products within the benefit plan offered.

Digital Customer360 for P&C

Purpose-built with extraordinary customer experiences in mind that engage and excite.

Digital Electronic Bill360 for P&C

A next-gen billing experience that helps insurers meet customers’ shifting demands by putting billing front and center in insurers’ digital strategy.

ClaimVantage Connect360 for L&AH

Easily create, update and view real-time claim information, absence and accommodation information anytime, anywhere.

Rich and Robust Dashboard

End-to-end underwriter workflow management

  • Provide efficient routing and case management
  • Drive intelligent data ingestion and extraction for standardized and automated processing
  • Free up time and processes with digital processes

Intuitive, Quick and Simple Portfolio Management

Clear view of the sweet spot with insight driven multi-level risk view for responsive action

  • Keep underwriters up to date with real time portfolio view to optimize risk assessment
  • Multi-lensed view to capture nuanced performance metrics to profitably underwrite risk

Empower Collaboration

Create a culture of collaboration and engagement between underwriters and brokers with data and predictive analytics driven dashboard views

  • Enable new data sources and analytics to help assess risk
  • Refine rules and leverage technologies like AI to collect, automate, and analyze the data to provide a full picture of the exposures for a given submission

“The potential for underwriting transformation in P&C is tremendous. Our research indicates significant recognition that this will take a new solution and set of technologies separate from policy management solutions. To make this great leap forward, insurers need new thinking on roles and processes coupled with a new digital platform that is advanced beyond the portals and workbenches of the past. Majesco Digital Underwriter360 represents an innovative new solution that will help revolutionize underwriting.”

Deb Smallwood, Senior Partner, Strategy Meets Action


What are the gaps, pain points and opportunities in underwriting? 

Exploring the gaps requires an assessment of today’s pain points and the opportunities for improvement. Pain points for underwriting fall into two primary categories: process/workload and data/views of risk. There are key gaps, and the ways to address the pain points created by the gaps center around data, transformational technologies, and tactical tools. 

What are the opportunities for improvement? 

The pain points and gaps have led the underwriting department to express the need for opportunities to enhance today’s capabilities. These include: improved workflow management and automation, better use of data sources, increased collaboration, and portfolio analysis capabilities. 

What actions need to be taken when planning and designing for digital underwriting? 

The demand for an advanced solution for commercial lines underwriting is strong as insurers seek to gain deeper insights and free up underwriters to focus on complex risks assessment and portfolio management. The recommended actions include create your future vision, build your roadmap, and then identify your partners. 

The Future Starts With Majesco