Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Enable and Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey

Discover a world of limitless possibilities with our comprehensive suite of digital insurance software solutions. From streamlining operations to enhancing agent and customer experiences, we empower insurance providers to thrive in the digital age. With our innovative low code/ no code technology and deep industry expertise, we’re here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of insurance, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and drive next generation experiences. Embrace the future of insurance with Majesco’s digital solutions and unlock new opportunities for success.

Digital Experiences

Provide intuitive UX to enhance insurance products and processes, surpassing transaction portals and offering richer agent and customer experiences.

New World Models to Meet Shifting Demands

Drive innovation and launch new products, leverage dynamic data sources, and explore non-conventional distribution channels like embedded that revolutionize digital operating models and seize the next generation of business.

Plug-and-Play Digital and InsurTech Solutions

Seamlessly integrate with our next-generation partner ecosystem solutions, utilizing third-party services to deliver genuine digital capabilities.

Insurance Solutions

Digital 360 Solutions

A portfolio of solution apps to deliver robust tailored persona-based experiences with built in analytics to measure and refine the user journey and experience.

Digital1st® Platform

A low code/no code insurance platform with robust digital experience tools, microservices, real-time apps and accelerators, and rich insurance content that connect with a robust true plug-and-play ecosystem of partner solutions and data sources for innovation and experimentation to meet changing business needs today and in the future.


How can technology be used for insurance organizations?

Insurance companies must reinvent themselves as technology-forward companies that can deliver customized products and highly personalized services to meet new expectations from customers and keep in step with new digital leaders. Going forward, insurers must support multi-channel engagement; embrace platform technologies including cloud and APIs to support increased real-time data exchange across systems; use advanced digital and data analytics to rethink underwriting; embrace ecosystems for access to data, distribution channels and digital capabilities from a growing array of partners; and implement digital experience platforms to build next-gen customer experiences. These capabilities must leverage next-gen core technology to realize the value of digital transformation.

How is digital technology transforming the insurance industry?

Across most industries including insurance, companies have struggled to keep pace with the demand for digitization, particularly as customers have accelerated their adoption of digital in all aspects of their life. We are at the beginning of the redefinition and value creation revolution for insurance, particularly with the growing ecosystems that provide new data sources, innovative capabilities, and interesting services, all of which create a multiplier effect. The result is an irrevocable change to risk markets, the insurance value chain, the definition of a product, channels and so much more.

What are the most common digital insurance solutions?

Over the last decade insurers have gotten “portal happy” – creating portals for every type of transaction, not just for customers, but for distributors as well. The result was layers of solutions that created a maze of confusion, cost, and dissatisfaction.

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