Digital Solutions

Digital Customer360 for P&C

Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Step into a world where personalized, seamless, and richer insurance experiences are the norm. Today’s savvy customers crave integrated digital tools that deliver unparalleled efficiency and engagement. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace the future of insurance—where mere tasks transform into captivating experiences. As the digital era surges forward, insurers must rise above the ordinary. Go beyond transactions and portals, and dive headfirst into crafting remarkable customer journeys. Those who take this bold leap will emerge as digital pioneers, setting themselves apart from the rest.

Be A Digital Trailblazer

Elevate customer experiences through cutting-edge technology. Our solutions are rooted in modern design principles, boasting robust build-implement-run capabilities. With seamless integration of essential business solutions, we make personalization a powerful reality.

Unleash Data, AI, & Workflow Excellence

Embrace the digital mindset for visionary business design. Unlock the potential of data capture, extraction, and digital creation. These cornerstones fuel enterprise-wide workflows and analytics, setting the stage for enhanced business intelligence. Ride the wave of AI and advanced technologies to amplify outcomes.

Embark on a Holistic 360-Degree Journey

Your customers deserve more—a unified, all-encompassing view that fuels engagement and satisfaction. Introducing our dashboard—a one-stop hub for policy insights, billing updates, and claims statuses. From policy inquiries to claims FNOL, all essential services are now at your fingertips, redefining the digital experience.


Digital Agent360 for P&C

Delivers next-gen customer intelligence, insights, engagement, personalization, and training that empowers agents to sell insurance products faster.

Digital Enroll360 for L&AH

Integrated with L&AH Core Suite, it enables group, benefits, and worksite self-enrollment by employees for products within the benefit plan offered.

Digital Underwriter360 for P&C

Holistic view and enhanced capabilities provide intelligent automation and improve the underwriter’s experience.

Digital Electronic Bill360 for P&C

A next-gen billing experience that helps insurers meet customers’ shifting demands by putting bililng front and center in insurers’ digital strategy.

Connect360 for L&AH

Easily create, update and view real-time claim information, absence and accommodation information anytime, anywhere.

Embrace a Complete & Connected Client View

Seamlessly allow customers to manage policies from start to finish

  • Gain comprehensive policy insight to verify coverage, limits, deductibles, renewal dates, billing particulars, and more.
  • Seize control with readily available payment records and stay informed about pending payments and due dates.
  • Experience effortless claim inquiries – from status updates to damage evaluations – all within your reach!”

Effortless, Quick, and Streamlined FNOL Submissions

Experience the Power of Transparency

  • Elevate clarity with seamless digital form completion for FNOL submissions.
  • Track claims status in real-time through easily uploaded documents.
  • Bid farewell to old-fashioned paper claims and snail mail hassles and Harness intelligent image recognition to swiftly populate FNOL details, expediting claims and thwarting fraud.
  • Stay in the know with instant updates on the claims journey – our commitment to real-time communication keeps you informed.

Let The Customer Drive

Become the Preferred Insurer offering a lineup of trusted suppliers, empowering customers with options they’ll love

  • Unveil a personalized selection of favored vendors that turbocharge claims processing.
  • Ignite efficiency and customer triumph by handing over the reins to customers, allowing them to pick their own vendors and steer the course of success.

“We are excited about the market potential and operational benefits of Majesco’s next-gen platform solutions and confident their track record of fast, successful implementations and strong commercial auto expertise will bring tremendous value to our business and customers.”

Richard Hutchinson, President, and COO, Forge Insurance


What does a 360-degree view of the customer really look like?

A company must provide its customers with a way to address all their needs in one place and give them an exceptional and consistent experience in all their interactions with the company (and the company’s partners that may provide additional value). Rather than having different apps, portals, or user interfaces for sales, billing/payments, claims, and policy service, the customer should be able to access all these capabilities from a single customer engagement platform.

What are the three critical lenses insurers must use when designing and executing their 360-degree view?

The three critical lenses are: The Execution Lens (technology capabilities to enable the front end), The Ecosystem Lens (supporting advanced data, AI, and workflow requirements) and The Customer Lens (delivering the 360-degree experience).

What challenges must the insurer overcome to deliver this experience to their customers?

Insurers are faced with a variety of challenges as they move toward execution. The five technology-oriented challenges that insurers must overcome are digital transformation, data, integration, system design, and aggregation and mediation. These challenges increase in complexity as several core systems may be required to service customer requests – whether there are multiple policies on multiple policy administration, claims, and/or billing systems; other data sources (internal and external); or other value-added services.

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