Complementary Solutions

Loss Control, Absence Management & Global IQX Sales & Underwriting Workbench

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A robust set of solutions that are integrated with Majesco platforms to enhance operations, drive productivity, decrease costs, improve underwriting profitability, and drive speed to market. These applications are deeply integrated with Majesco’s suite of solutions to enhance operations, drive productivity, decrease costs and improve speed to market.

Insurance Solutions

Majesco Global IQX Sales & Underwriting Workbench

Leverage powerful rule, content, and rating engines to enable dynamic proposal creation, reduce quote turnaround time, and reduce costs.

Loss Control

Prioritize underwriting profitability and risk mitigation with a Loss Control solution that helps minimize and eliminate claims.

Absence Management

Simplify absence management and easily manage the complexity and volume of growing federal and state leave types.


What is a Loss Control Platform?

A loss control platform manages the entire loss control survey process on insured properties. This includes ordering, assignment to field-staff, quality assurance, underwriting, and recommendation follow up. Survey reports and recommendation letters are generated for underwriters and insureds, and this data can be kept in the platform as a system of record.

What is Absence Management Software?

Absence Management Software is a tool that helps organizations manage and track employee time off including sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, bereavement leave, and more. This helps an organization to reduce employee absenteeism, avoid workforce disruption and maximize employee productivity.

What is Premium Audit software?

Premium Audit software helps insurance companies facilitate a periodic review to make sure the estimated workers compensation premium established at the beginning of the policy period accurately reflects any changes in business operations and/or payroll that may have occurred since the policy was issued.

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