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Accommodation Management

Enhance Workplace Accommodations Program

Employers have more responsibility than ever before to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities, and the regulations require employers to engage in an interactive process with affected employees. Accommodation Management helps you to effectively manage ADA & ADAAA accommodation requests to support employees at work and assist employees in returning to work.

Enhance Workplace Productivity

It can be financially difficult for employees when they miss work, and it can be stressful for them to feel like they aren’t contributing. Having a robust process ensures you are equipped to support workplace accommodations, and hence, employee morale, by helping your employees to stay at work, or return to work more quickly.

Employee Engagement

In addition to being a regulatory requirement, engaging with your employees during the interactive process allows them to feel supported and engaged while they are away. However, this process can be lengthy and complex. To ensure you can effectively management accommodation requests, leverage a more interactive process that includes more than just spreadsheets and paper files.

Holistically Manage Employee Leaves of Absence

Our robust cloud-based software allows you to fully document all aspects of the interactive process in one central location. Easily track all approved and potential liability costs, automate configurable workflows and tasks, produce time and date stamped documentation, document interviews with colleagues and supervisors, and communicate with employees using email, letters, and text messages.

Insurance Solutions

Absence Management

End-to-end absence management system, designed to automate eligibility determinations in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Employee Engagement

Track the interactive process between employees and employers, as required by the ADA & ADAAA and ensure there is no discrimination against employees.

Maintain Compliance

All records are date and time stamped and can be easily exported in a PDF in the event of an EOC audit.

Configurable Rules Engine

Leverage built-in tools and workflows to ensure all necessary actions and steps are taken for better accommodation management.

Financial Reporting

Track all approved and potential liability costs to determine ROI for accommodations provided.

“The Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Solution provides Fullscope RMS and our carrier partners with a powerful solution equipped with the latest Federal FMLA, State leaves, and PFML regulations, and allows for flexibility in supporting employer specific Company paid or unpaid leaves, resulting in a simplified leave of absence experience for employers and employees. The Majesco platform has enabled us to deliver a seamless, integrated experience to our customers and will support us in navigating the rapidly changing leave landscape in the future.”

Kathy Serunian, Vice President, Claims and Disability, RMS


What is Accommodation Management Software?

Accommodation Management Software helps companies track all approved and potential liability costs managing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA). Compliance with the ADA/ADAAA requires employers to make their best efforts to accommodate employees using the Interactive Process.

What is an Absence Management Solution?

Keep your employees and their supervisors updated with automated email, letters, or text messages. They can access information digitally from any location, based on the permissions established by you for each system profile and available portal access allows employees to create claims, obtain notifications and forms, and access real-time updates.

Why should insurance companies and TPAs provide absence management?

Leveraging a cloud-native absence management solution provides companies with the ability to automate tasks, processes and communications that leads to better employee engagement. Companies can also provide a self-service portal that enables employees to request leaves from their phone, view time remaining and upload important documentation.

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