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Digital1st® Platform


Majesco Digital1st® Platform is a low-code / no-code digital insurance platform with robust digital experience tools, microservices, real-time apps and accelerators, and rich insurance content that connect with a robust true plug-and-play ecosystem of partner solutions and data sources for innovation and experimentation to meet changing customers needs today and in the future.

Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Build on the first step of Digital Portals to create richer personalized digital experiences beyond core transactions to deliver an unprecedented user experience

Power of the Cloud

Pay-as-you-grow model that facilitates growth and innovation

Innovative Insurance Ecosystem

Integrate with any core system, publish custom APIs for partners, and extend your digital experiences to various channels and services to quickly meet your customers need

High Value/Low Risk Innovation

Capitalize on a variety of insurance apps and accelerators such as insurance objects, templates covering end-to-end insurance functionality, page layouts, UI widgets and more to rapidly build fully personalized, compelling insurance digital experiences

What the Industry is Saying

As insurers digitally enhance front-end capabilities to elevate the customer experience (CX), insurance agency portal solutions that synchronize engagement across touch points, leverage AI to improve the customer and agent journey, and enable fast application development will lead the pack. Vendors that can provide these capabilities position themselves to successfully deliver better experiences to insurers and their agencies.

The Forrester Wave™: Insurance Agency Portals, Q3 2020 - Jeffery Williams, Senior Analyst

The interest in platforms, microservices and ecosystems is on top of mind of many insurers. In particular, access to innovative solutions and data from traditional and new InsurTech partners is part of every insurer’s strategy, but has been difficult to do. Majesco’s new EcoExchange and marketplace of partners that can be integrated using an open API approach is an innovative approach that will empower every insurer.

Karlyn Carnahan, Director, North America Property and Casualty Practice at Celent

Nearly every insurer is embarked on several digital journeys to engage more effectively and directly with their policyholders, distribution partners, and broader ecosystem. Majesco Digital1st® Insurance is a portfolio of solutions designed to enable those journeys. It includes an innovative microservices platform to support products and business models in an on-demand world.

Donald Light, Director, North America Property and Casualty Practice at Celent

When evaluating new technology solutions to further support our overall growth strategy and meet the needs of our clients, we determined the need for a platform that provided cloud-based, real-time, insurance specific capabilities. By partnering with Majesco Digital1st® Insurance, Burns & Wilcox can provide quick access to innovative specialty insurance products on a digital platform that meets the changing risk needs of consumers.

Daniel J. Kaufman, Chief Operating Officer at Burns & Wilcox and Executive Vice President at H.W. Kaufman Group


Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use SaaS tools. 30 days risk-free trial. No credit card required.
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    Experiment, Develop and Iterate with Built-In DevOps

    Continuous innovation and agility to rapidly test and learn
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    Find the Business. Create the Business. Grow the Business.

    Prebuilt insurance capabilities to launch and scale your business
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    Create Connections

    Open new channels to engage customers and agents

Digital1st® Insurance Delivery
& Consulting Services

Majesco consultants and delivery experts help your organization make the most of its digital decisions.

One minute to launch

Open the door to a fully-functional digital ecosystem — the perfect cloud insurance platform to test and launch your innovative ideas.

The future of insurance starts with Digital1st® Platform


The burgeoning no code / low code technology space is leading the disruption and shift to the digital era of insurance. These no code / low code solutions are offering new levels of usability, capabilities, and access to data and other technologies to create next-generation business solutions ranging from portals, to full enterprise-level solutions, to innovative new products such as on-demand or parametric products that require real-time data for continuous underwriting. Too often, insurers are using a variety of disparate or horizontal tools on a piecemeal basis, rather than looking for a platform with insurance content that can support every step of their digital transformation journey, from portals for personalized experiences, to innovative new products and business models.

Majesco Digital1st® Insurance is a catalyst for innovation and purpose-built by insurance experts for insurance experts to meet the ever-changing needs of the insurance industry. Majesco Digital1st® Insurance was built from the ground up to provide ONE platform to enable organizations to accelerate their journey on the digital maturity curve and pursue relentless innovation with speed and agility. It is a no code / low code platform with insurance specific content and templates as well as pre-integrated to a robust ecosystem of partners with innovative capabilities and new sources of data allowing insurers to rapidly build solutions in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

One of the greatest alternatives for insurers comes from digital platform technologies that transform modern core systems into digital platforms by leveraging microservices, APIs, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, pre-configured content and new data sources, other next-gen technologies and access to a robust ecosystem of partner applications that can be used on demand.