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Digital1st® Insurance


Digital1st® Insurance

A new era of business models, products, and customer engagement

Capture market opportunities with a redesigned business model and value chain

Rapidly convert new ideas into new business

Identify and act on trends using a cloud-native platform, prebuilt insurance content and plug and play microservices

Deliver digital interactions and transactions

Tap into a pioneering ecosystem of apps to extend capabilities and enhance customer engagement

Plug and play digital data

Leverage 3rd party data providers for real-time information for underwriting, billing, and claims

Build business models to meet demand

Capitalize on greenfield revenue opportunities that rise and mature overnight

Platform-as-a-Service: Majesco Digital1st® Platform

Microservices-based platform with rich insurance content for building and running digital apps.

Software-as-a-Service – Majesco
Digital1st® Engagement

Personalize and tailor customer and agent journeys to their unique needs

Majesco Digital1st®

Create compelling portals from sales through service and claims

Majesco Digital1st® Electronic
Billing and Payments App

Make it easier for customers to view and pay bills digitally

Here’s what the industry is saying

Nearly every insurer is embarked on several digital journeys to engage more effectively and directly with their policyholders, distribution partners, and broader ecosystem. Majesco Digital1st® Insurance is a portfolio of solutions designed to enable those journeys. It includes an innovative microservices platform to support products and business models in an on-demand world.

Donald Light, Director, North America Property and Casualty Practice at Celent

We are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with Majesco in servicing mutual clients across the insurance industry, helping facilitate a secure and frictionless payment experience. Being pre-integrated and officially part of the EcoExchange allows our mutual insurance clients to more easily implement our solutions and get up and running quickly, which often translates to quick savings and speed to revenue for our clients.

Dominic Brown, Senior Director, Business Development at Visa

The interest in platforms, microservices and ecosystems is on top of mind of many insurers. In particular, access to innovative solutions and data from traditional and new InsurTech partners is part of every insurer’s strategy, but has been difficult to do. Majesco’s new EcoExchange and marketplace of partners that can be integrated using an open API approach is an innovative approach that will empower every insurer.

Karlyn Carnahan, Director at North America Property/Casualty Practice at Celent

Digital1st® Insurance Advantages

A cloud-native, microservices-based insurance platform for the digital age

Create amazing customer experiences and loyalty

Maximized effectiveness across the entire customer journey with deeper, personalized engagement

Leverage a test and learn platform

Enable scale, adaptability, speed and ease of integration with an ultra-configurable platform that enables continuous innovation

Deliver new world products and services on-demand

Capture unprecedented growth opportunities from a new generation of customers

Realize business value quicker

Implement in weeks and months versus years, with iterative rollouts that deliver speed to value

Digital1st® Insurance Delivery
& Consulting Services

New business models and new tools can benefit from fresh mindsets and expert guidance. Majesco consultants and delivery experts help your organization make the most of its digital decisions.

The Future of Insurance Starts with Digital1st® Insurance