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Accommodation Management Software

Enhance Workplace Accommodations Program

Help employers fulfill their growing responsibility to engage in an interactive accommodations process for individuals with disabilities, as mandated by regulations to prevent discrimination. Accommodation Management enables you to effectively manage ADA & ADAAA accommodation requests to support employees at work and assist employees in returning to work .

Boost Workplace Productivity with Robust Accommodation Processes

Enhance your employees’ workplace productivity by providing robust support for workplace accommodations. A well-equipped process ensures your employees can stay at work or return more swiftly, alleviating financial difficulties and boosting morale.

Effectively Engage Employees

Meet regulatory requirements while ensuring employee engagement during the interactive process. Avoid complexity and lengthiness by leveraging an interactive approach that goes beyond traditional spreadsheets and paper files.

Effortlessly Manage Employee Leaves

Holistically manage employee leaves of absence with our powerful cloud-based software. Centralize all interactive process documentation, track approved and potential liability costs, automate workflows, and communicate efficiently via email and text messages. Stay organized and in control with time and date-stamped documentation and interviews with colleagues and supervisors.

Insurance Solutions

Absence Management

End-to-end absence management system, designed to automate eligibility determinations in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Empower Your Workforce

Effectively track and manage the interactive process between employees and employers with our comprehensive solution, ensuring seamless communication and compliance with regulations.

  • Engage with your employees using email and text messages to keep them informed and involved throughout the accommodation process, fostering clear and timely communication.
  • Place employee well-being at the forefront of your organization’s priorities, empowering your workforce to thrive and drive overall success through a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Enable employees to stay at work or return quickly after absences with efficient accommodation approvals and assistance, minimizing disruptions and maintaining productivity.

Stay Compliant with Expert Guidance

Rely on our team of experts to keep your business up-to-date with compliance requirements, providing peace of mind while navigating complex regulations.

  • Delegate the responsibility of staying current with compliance to our experts, freeing up your time to focus on core business operations.
  • Create transparent and fair rules for evaluating and responding to accommodation requests, promoting equality and consistency in the workplace.
  • Maintain a clear record of interviews with colleagues and supervisors, promoting transparency and accountability throughout the accommodation process.
  • Safeguard your records with secure, date, and time-stamped PDFs, ensuring readiness for any potential Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) audit.

Streamline Accommodation Management with Powerful Built-In Tools

Leverage built-in tools and workflows to ensure all necessary actions and steps are taken for better accommodation management.

  • Customize your accommodation process effortlessly with automated workflows and tasks, adapting to your unique requirements and boosting overall efficiency.
  • Establish smart rules that automatically handle accommodation requests, ensuring proper task assignments, timely notifications, and efficient process management.
  • Minimize errors and maintain consistency by reducing manual intervention in the accommodation process, streamlining operations for optimal outcomes.
  • Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and paper files and embrace a simplified, optimized approach to accommodation request management with our advanced system.

Optimize Accommodation ROI with Data Driven Insights

Track all approved and potential liability costs to determine ROI for accommodations provided.

  • Generate reports on accommodation expenses, cost breakdowns, and budget utilization to identify areas for improvement and explore alternative cost-efficient solutions: Utilize comprehensive reports that analyze accommodation expenses, cost breakdowns, and budget utilization, pinpointing areas for improvement and uncovering cost-efficient alternatives.
  • Make informed decisions and manage budgetary considerations and allocate resources efficiently by providing employers with data-driven insights to support decision-making: Empower employers with data-driven insights to facilitate informed decision-making, budget management, and resource allocation for seamless accommodation processes.
  • Evaluate the financial implications of different accommodation options, compare costs, and assess the feasibility of various solutions: Conduct thorough evaluations of the financial implications of diverse accommodation options, comparing costs, and determining the feasibility of each solution, allowing for better decision-making and resource optimization.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Majesco and add this customer-centric technology platform to our core capabilities. Majesco’s Absence Management solution provides robust leave and absence management capabilities and enables us to administer claims accurately, efficiently and in compliance with statutory, federal, and state regulations. It effectively manages critical programs such as statutory benefits, paid family leave and insured/self-insured disability plans which are increasingly complicated with state variations. We’re thrilled to enhance our technology platform with a solution that is critical to our customers and the industry.”

Steve Urban, President, Administrative Concepts, Inc.


What is Accommodation Management Software?

Accommodation Management Software helps companies track all approved and potential liability costs managing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA). Compliance with the ADA/ADAAA requires employers to make their best efforts to accommodate employees using the Interactive Process.

What is an Absence Management Solution?

Keep your employees and their supervisors updated with automated email, letters, or text messages. They can access information digitally from any location, based on the permissions established by you for each system profile and available portal access allows employees to create claims, obtain notifications and forms, and access real-time updates.

Why should insurance companies and TPAs provide absence management?

Leveraging a cloud-native absence management solution provides companies with the ability to automate tasks, processes and communications that leads to better employee engagement. Companies can also provide a self-service portal that enables employees to request leaves from their phone, view time remaining and upload important documentation.

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