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Automate Eligibility Determinations and Stay Compliant with Federal and State Regulations

Experience the power of automating eligibility determinations and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations with our robust absence management solutions. The increasing range of federal and state leave types, such as Family and Medial Leave Act (FMLA) requires a comprehensive approach to efficiently handle the complexity and volume of employee absences while meeting all compliance demands. Let our advanced absence management system streamline the process, allowing you to stay on top of eligibility requirements and effortlessly navigate through regulatory requirements.

Leave Management Made Easy

Discover how our user-friendly Absence Management offering effortlessly simplifies the complexities of leave management. From handling federal and state FMLA laws to accommodating leave under the ADA, our centralized platform streamlines the entire process, reducing the risk of human error and potential litigation.

Confident Compliance

Rest easy knowing that our automated system takes care of compliance for you. When a leave is requested, our software automatically determines employee eligibility and entitlement for all applicable leaves. Our dedicated absence experts stay up-to-date with regulatory changes, ensuring that your company remains fully compliant. Automated tasks confirm each step of the process, allowing you to maintain compliance with ease.

Improve Engagement

Improve communication and efficiency among your employees and supervisors. Absence Management sends automated emails or text messages, keeping everyone informed and on track. Access important information from any location, based on custom permissions for each system profile. Employees can utilize our portal to create claims, access necessary forms, and receive real-time updates, streamlining the entire leave management process.

Majesco Absence Management Solutions

Absence Management

Automate eligibility determinations in compliance with federal and state regulations with an end-to-end absence management system

Accommodation Management

Effectively manage ADA & ADAAA accommodation requests to support employees at work and assist employees in returning to work.

Regulatory Compliance

Be certain that paid leaves are administered according to proper regulations.

  • Rely on our team of absence experts keep the system updated with the latest Federal and State FML, PFL and PFML regulations.
  • Ensure that your organization remains compliant with evolving laws and regulations, saving you time and effort.
  • Support compliance audits and provide a comprehensive audit trail of leave-related activities.

Effortless Operational Administration

Automate tasks and workflows to save time and streamline manual processes.

  • Streamline absence management by managing all leave and calendar types on one digital platform.
  • Ensure accurate record-keeping and documentation through a single system of record.
  • Optimize efficiency by freeing up time to focus on more demanding tasks with automated workflows and communications.
  • Stay proactive with alerts for potential non-compliance, enabling prompt actions to maintain legal adherence.

Unlock the Power of Predictive Insights

Utilize the solutions’ intuitive reporting capabilities for drag-and-drop reporting.

  • Make data-driven decisions regarding employee leaves of absence by detecting any leave patterns.
  • Grasp key trends, patterns, and insights quickly with intuitive and visually appealing data visualization capabilities.
  • Provide HR professionals with real-time insights into leave utilization, trends, costs, and compliance metrics.
  • Predict future absence patterns by analyzing historical data with advanced analytics.

Boost Efficiency & Productivity

Free up time to focus on more demanding tasks

  • Streamline operations and reduce the administrative burden on HR teams by leveraging automated workflows and communications.
  • Save valuable time and resources by eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks like paper-based documentation and manual data entry.
  • Customize the solution to meet your organization’s specific needs with flexible customization options and enjoy the benefits of cloud-enabled scalability.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Majesco and add this customer-centric technology platform to our core capabilities. Majesco’s Absence Management solution provides robust leave and absence management capabilities and enables us to administer claims accurately, efficiently and in compliance with statutory, federal, and state regulations. It effectively manages critical programs such as statutory benefits, paid family leave and insured/self-insured disability plans which are increasingly complicated with state variations.”

Steve Urban, President, Administrative Concepts, Inc


What is an Absence Management Solution?

An absence management solution is a software used by companies to manage employee leaves of absence, such as FMLA, PFL, PFML or other federal, state, and municipal leaves. An absence management solution automatically determines an employee’s eligibility for the various leaves.

Why should insurance companies and TPAs provide absence management?

As more leave regulations are passed and updated, it has become increasingly difficult for employers to manage their employees’ leaves while staying compliant. Providing absence management alongside disability insurance is a value-added service that is increasingly coveted in the market.

How does an absence management solution improve the employee experience?

Leveraging a cloud-native absence management solution provides companies with the ability to automate tasks, processes, and communications, which leads to better employee engagement. Companies can also provide a self-service portal that enables employees to request leaves from their phone, view time remaining and upload important documentation.

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