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Next-Generation Floor Plan Sketch Software

Drop the pencil and paper and draw residential and commercial properties quickly and easily



Create accurate floor plan layouts and instantly calculate square footage

Quickly diagram and validate square footage for replacement cost purposes

Deploy the most intuitive and user-friendly diagramming application for your residential or commercial lines needs

A single platform appraisal sketching tool

With easy to learn features and integration, options for all the industry standard appraisal software packages you can be up and running in no time and focus on what really matters – completing appraisals efficiently

Efficient sketching tools for assessors

With easy to learn features and integration options for your CAMA system, you can be up and running in no time

Niche Industry Support

Customize your industry-specific area templates, symbols, and labels to quickly complete professional diagrams for your clients

Detailed and Accurate Floor Plans in Minutes

Powerful and easy-to-use, with multiple options to meet your business needs.

Draw residential and commercial properties quickly and easily

Used by appraisers, inspectors, and real estate agents to create accurate floor plan layouts

  • Plot important floor plan features using an extensive library of icons, labels and more
  • Speed up your diagramming workflow with automatically completed measurement calculations
  • Supports metric or standard units of measure
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Enable field staff to draw more accurate floor plans right on-site or from their desktop without the need for a pen and paper.

  • RapidSketch for Windows is our most powerful version – with a full suite of functionality to enable accurate diagrams
  • RapidSketch for Web contains the standard sketching functionality and can be integrated into any modern website or mobile application
  • RapidSketch is also offered as a free tool for Android and iOS tablets enabling users to perform sketches on their tablets and send them via email (include the app info)
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Pop-up, embedded, or complete integration available

  • Complete integration of RapidSketch with the purchase of the full source code – with complete control over how and where RapidSketch ties into your system
  • Place RapidSketch as an embedded component directly in your application with links to powerful functionality that allows you ultimate control of what the user can and cannot do
  • Pop-Up SDK offers integration with almost any type of windows application with almost not programming. When you want the user to draw a sketch, simply tell the integration to “pop-up” and RapidSketch will launch
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Next-gen sketching with better results. Try it for free!