Complementary Solutions

Guide Stream

AI-Driven Video Risk Assessment

Integrated loss control solutions provide intelligent data collection from anywhere in the world helping you retain customer trust and satisfaction. With Majesco Guide Stream your staff can remotely take and identify photos, fill form answers, and make recommendations as if they were right on site.

Digitally Guide Policyholders to Collect Critical Information

Insurers are now considering loss control not just for complex, high-risk scenarios, but across a broader swath of the books of business and submissions leveraging self-service loss control, automation, and integration to core to drive broader portfolio profitability.

Enhanced Customer Experience

To retain or regain customer trust and satisfaction, insurers now must consider all dimensions of the customer experience across the value chain, creating a next-generation customer experience that is much closer to the “Amazon experience.” But to do that, insurers’ priorities, plans and investments must align to the customer, rather than to internal operations.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrated with Loss Control to cost effectively assess more of your business, drive better outcomes, and proactively manage risks for greater customer experience.

A Robust Ecosystem of Solutions

Loss Control

Best-in-class AI driven loss control survey platform, purpose-built to drive intelligent risk insights.

Premium Audit

Verify premiums and validate underlying rating for lines of business with an easy-to-use step-by-step workflow.


Sketch directly within Loss Control 360 and automatically attach your finished floor plans to a survey.

Live Video Consults

Offer live video consultations with policyholders that capture critical underwriting information.

Mentor View

Guide policyholders with an easy-to-use solution that makes collecting information a breeze.

Next Gen Virtual Experience

Provide AI-driven virtual surveys with iOS, Android, and Windows.

An AI-Driven Conversation

Leverage automatic photo labeling, risk alerts, recommendation injection and more in your Guide Stream 360 sessions for both Claims and Underwriting.


What is a Guide Stream survey?

A Guide Stream Survey is a survey conducted virtually via a live video stream. The session is mentored by an insurance professional who guides a policyholder or other insurance professional through a virtual inspection of a risk. The mentor may take photos and ask questions while providing guidance and recommendations to the inured.

What is a Loss Control Platform?

A loss control platform manages the entire loss control survey process on insured properties. This includes ordering, assignment to field-staff, quality assurance, underwriting, and recommendation follow up. Survey reports, and recommendation letters are generated for underwriters and insureds and this data can be stored in the platform as a system of record.

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