Thought Leadership

Distribution Management: Connecting the Dots to Build Future Market Success

The insurance industry is a rapidly evolving space and digital has been a crucial component of the market shift. While insurers are expanding into new distribution channels, agents and brokers remain the top channel for all segments. As digital has enhanced customer expectations, agents and brokers have elevated expectations for how insurers will support them and their customers.

Currently, too many insurers are being reactive instead of proactive when it comes to meeting the changing market tides and increased customer expectations. Insurers need to evaluate and adapt their distribution strategy to ensure their solutions take care of the entire distribution value chain. Investments in support of the growing array of channel options are being impacted by the direction of where insurers want to grow. This includes strengthening support for agents and brokers to make sure they have the tools they need.

Read this report to better understand:

  • Why and how insurers must rethink their distribution management operations in a quickly shifting market to secure tenable growth
  • The importance of insurers assessing where they fall on the distribution maturity curve
  • What it will take to have a prosperous distribution management transformation
  • Evaluating if the organization is ready for a distribution transformation