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Distribution Management

Expand Distribution Channels, Drive Growth and Achieve Speed-to-Market

Our Distribution Management platform enables distributors to rapidly onboard producers and eliminate time-consuming manual paperwork, view reports, and manage their business with mobile-ready, digital self-service tools and flexibility to create new commission and incentive programs that provide agility and speed needed to compete in a changing distribution landscape. Majesco’s platform uses next-generation technology that keeps the insurance provider on the leading edge by reducing the time to market of new distribution arrangements and support a multi-channel landscape of new partners.

Channel Experience

Drive growth and enhanced recruitment with robust digital capabilities

  • Speed to market with automated onboarding from application to ready to sell from weeks to hours or days, reducing complexity and improving efficiencies
  • Attract and retain top producers and channels with the digital self-service capabilities they expect and demand
  • Deliver real-time access to commission and payment statements and other self-service needs
  • Make it “Easy to do Business” with you with robust digital portal and mobile capabilities

Channel Management

Accelerate and optimize your channel strategy with a robust, flexible, rules-based compensation management platform

  • Quickly launch and manage new distribution channels and models with ease
  • Manage multi-channel distribution across all lines of business with a single, comprehensive platform
  • Ensure compliance consistency with integration to National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) Gateway rules updates for states with NIPR’s producer database
  • Integration with DTCC’s Compensation file to support the life and annuity segment
  • Expanded APIs including background checks, active license checks and agent questionnaires

Channel Performance

Track and optimize channel performance

  • Track and optimize channel performance with advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Export data to advanced analytics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Compare producer and channel performance across a wide range or parameters – including targeted sales versus actual sales, persistency, and more
  • Generate configurable reports by roles and functions to provide easy and secure access to channel performance insights

Unique 3D Critical Business Capabilities

Distribution Management provides a next generation cloud and API enabled platform built to enable the 3D business capabilities of Digital, Distribution and Data. As a highly configurable platform with market ready services, intuitive user interface that is easy to integrate with insurers’ core systems, Distribution Management provides robust digital, distribution and data capabilities needed for insurers’ business today and in the future.

Capabilities to Keep You Competitive

Majesco is committed to keeping insurers at the leading edge and competitive across all their distribution channels with rich digital, distribution and data capabilities. Expand and manage an array of distribution channels from traditional agent to new digital channels, aggregators, or retail, across the distribution landscape including producer life cycle manager, compensation manager, performance manager and portals on a single platform to maximize performance.

Business Value Delivered Everyday

From producer onboarding, to managing multiple channels, managing complex and high-volume changes, launching innovative contests and personalizing payment schedules for channels, to accommodating integration with existing core insurance systems, Distribution Management enables you to remain competitive across all distribution channels with rich digital, distribution and data capabilities.

“Distribution Management platform is a critical investment for Insurers digital strategies. This solution brings the power of connecting insights, data and workflow of distribution channel and partners to digital strategies and operational plans. Beyond providing digital engagement for distribution channel partners, this solution optimizing distribution operations and bring new data analytics and insights to channels and relationship management in this digital era. It is necessary investment, and Majesco latest release offers all critical capabilities.”

Deb Smallwood, CEO and Founder, Strategy Meets Action


What is an insurance distribution management platform? 

Distribution management platforms must enable insurers to manage their distribution force with increasing sophistication including managing existing and new channel options, such as marketplaces, embedded insurance in other businesses, comparison sites and direct distribution as well as compliance including licensing and appointment, compensation, and producer relationship management. 

How does Majesco’s distribution management platform support different channels? 

Majesco’s distribution management platform enables insurers to optimize their distribution channels with rich digital, distribution and data capabilities including unlimited lines of business, products, compensation structures and hierarchies across both P&C and L&A segments, built-in reporting and analytics with a robust data warehouse, centralized producer relationship management and performance monitoring, and built-in document management capabilities. 

How does Majesco support digital, data, and distribution management to meet carriers’ needs? 

A 3D strategy – digital, distribution and data – to build, manage and optimize a multi-channel network —from front to back office. Distribution Management provides a new platform that brings digital, distribution and data together for a new era of insurance to help insurers optimize and grow business. 

The Future Starts With Majesco