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Data for Real-World Insights

As insurers propel to the future, advanced, embedded data and analytics capabilities are key to creating a new personalized experience for customers. With Analytics Solutions, insurers can use deep insights about past, current and future performance to uncover opportunities for innovation, growth, and improved profitability.

Accelerate Your Data Strategy

Fully leverage the power of data. Ingest, integrate, and deeply analyze data from traditional and emerging sources including core systems, third-party data providers, and modern technologies to create data-driven insights that allow the “elevation” of insurance.

A Flexible Data Framework for Your Business

Have the ability to continuously merge new internal and external data into a common data repository and easily adapt to the growing sources of new data with a flexible business and technical architecture framework.

Accelerate Insight and Action

Enterprise-wide data access and visualization shortens the time for insights and decision-making.

Single Source of Truth for Speed and Certainty

Spend more time on insights and actions. With built-in data quality and business validation rules, make business decisions with rock-solid certainty.

Insurance Solutions


Leverage real-time data to drive actions with impact.

Data Nexus

Get maximum value from traditional and new data sources.

AI/ML Models

Leverage next-gen technology to make intelligent decisions.


How does Majesco’s Analytics Platform deliver business value?

This all occurs through being complete, scalable and flexible; ease of integration with core software; single source of truth for confident business decisions; and unsurpassed expertise in insurance, data and analytics.

How does our warehouse of data help insurers?

There are so many ways that our toolbox of analytical solutions assists insurers. From strengthening data compliance, control and governance to becoming market leaders that master data by rapidly assembling large data sets and mining them for transformational insights, our ability to be support insurers is unmatched within the marketplace.

The Future Starts With Majesco