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Data & Analytics Solutions

Data for Real-World Insights

As insurers charge-ahead into the future, they recognize the pivotal role of advanced, integrated data and analytics capabilities in reshaping their entire operations, launching new products and creating personalized customer experiences. Majesco’s Data and Analytics, complete with business intelligence, AI/ML models and Generative AI is embedded in Majesco core solutions and helps insurers optimize business, empower employees and harness deep insights into past, present, and future performance. These insights become the bedrock for unearthing opportunities for operational optimization, innovation, fostering growth, and enhancing overall profitability.

Elevate Your Data Strategy at Unprecedented Speed

Unleash the true potential of your data. Majesco Analytics effortlessly accepts integrates, and meticulously analyzes data from conventional and cutting-edge sources, encompassing core and digital solutions, third-party data providers, and contemporary technologies. This amalgamation of data-driven insights doesn’t just enhance the insurance landscape—it fundamentally elevates it.

A Dynamic Data Framework Tailored to Your Business

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our Data Lakehouse. Seamlessly unite internal operational data with external data into a unified data lake, to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing business and market demands with an adaptable business and technical architecture framework.

Fast-Track Insights into Action

Empower your enterprise with across-the-board data access and immersive visualization and business intelligence, drastically reducing the time required for informed insights and prompt decision-making.

Single Source of Truth for Speed and Certainty

Shift the focus from data management to actionable insights. Our solution incorporates built-in data quality measures and business validation rules, paving the way for resolute business decisions based on a rock-solid foundation of certainty.

Embrace Generative AI and Majesco Copilot

Introducing Generative AI and Majesco Copilot—powerful additions to our Core Solutions. Generative AI revolutionizes the way insights are derived by autonomously identifying complex patterns and generating valuable predictions. Majesco Copilot acts as your trusted navigator in this data-rich landscape, providing actionable recommendations and insights that augment your decision-making prowess.

Transform Data into Results

Business Intelligence

Empower your business with advanced Business Intelligence capabilities tailored for both P&C and L&AH carriers, driving strategic insights and growth.

Property Intelligence

Revolutionize property risk assessment and underwriting processes with our Property Intelligence offering, enhancing decision-making and profitability for insurers of all sizes.

Subrogation Intelligence

Elevate your claims management efficiency with Subrogation Intelligence, a cutting-edge solution that employs advanced analytics to identify and optimize subrogation opportunities, maximizing recoveries and minimizing losses for insurers.

Generative AI

Experience generative AI with Majesco Copilot to simplify insurance complexity and improve user experience.

Data Lakehouse

Unlock data to achieve actionable insights with our transformative Data Lakehouse solution that integrates all data from our core, digital and loss control solutions designed to empower insurers with comprehensive data-driven capabilities.


How does Majesco’s Analytics Platform deliver business value?

This all occurs through being complete, scalable and flexible; ease of integration with core software; single source of truth for confident business decisions; and unsurpassed expertise in insurance, data and analytics.

How does our warehouse of data help insurers?

There are so many ways that our toolbox of analytical solutions assists insurers. From strengthening data compliance, control and governance to becoming market leaders that master data by rapidly assembling large data sets and mining them for transformational insights, our ability to be support insurers is unmatched within the marketplace.

The Future Starts With Majesco