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Insurance Data & Analytics

Empower Innovation, Growth, and Profitability through Data-Driven Excellence

Unveiling a sophisticated platform that harnesses data as a strategic asset, propelling innovation, growth, and profitability. Strategically embedded analytics within the Core Solutions transforms data into a critical asset, driving operational and strategic initiatives. Seamlessly situating data in the hands of the right stakeholders precisely when needed, empowers decision making that paves the way forward.

Accelerated Insights and Decisions

Rev up your insights and decision-making processes with enterprise-wide data access with business intelligence and dynamic visualization, slashing the time required for critical decisions.

Your Ultimate Strategic Asset

Unleash the power of meaningful data insights that catalyze productivity, operational performance, and foster growth, all while expediting transformative business evolution.

Create your Future

Unlock transformational insights to make your business a market leader in a data-driven world.

Transform Data into Results

Business Intelligence

Empower your business with advanced Business Intelligence tailored for both P&C and L&AH carriers, driving operational and strategic insights and growth.

Property Intelligence

Revolutionize risk assessment and underwriting processes with our Property Intelligence offering, enhancing decision-making and profitability for insurers of all sizes.

Subrogation Intelligence

Elevate your claims management efficiency with Subrogation Intelligence, a cutting-edge solution that employs advanced analytics to identify and optimize subrogation opportunities, maximizing recoveries and minimizing losses for insurers.

Generative AI

Experience generative AI with Majesco Copilot to simplify insurance complexity and improve user experience.

Data Lakehouse

Unlock actionable insights and seamless data integration with our transformative Data Lakehouse solution designed to empower insurers with comprehensive data-driven capabilities.

Transformative Insights for Strategic Growth

  • Leverage the combined power of Data Lakehouse, Business Intelligence, Property Intelligence, Subrogation Intelligence, and Generative AI to unearth valuable insights, propelling innovation and profitability.
  • Seamlessly integrate data across your operations using our comprehensive Data Lakehouse solution to drive well-informed decision-making.
  • Utilize AI/ML models for Property Intelligence and the innovative Generative AI – Majesco Copilot – to expedite critical choices, leading to accelerated business growth.

Operational Excelled Redefined

  • Harness the power of Subrogation Intelligence to identify subrogation opportunities effectively, optimizing recoveries and minimizing losses for enhanced claims management.
  • Data Lakehouse empowers insurers to unify data sources, providing a holistic view that enriches underwriting and risk assessment through advanced analytics.
  • Incorporate Property Intelligence’s AI/ML models to revolutionize risk assessment, enabling more accurate underwriting decisions and improving profitability.

Innovative Collaboration & Efficiency

  • Embrace Generative AI to simplify insurance complexity and improve user experience.
  • Use Business Intelligence, enabled by Generative AI, to create and distribute meaningful data insights, driving productivity and growth.
  • The integration of advanced capabilities across our solutions ensures your organization stays ahead in a data-centric world, enabling market leadership and ongoing innovation.

Millers Mutual Insurance is focused on becoming a mature, data-driven insurance company and we looked to the Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform to set the foundation for our current and future business intelligence needs.

Larry Fortin, CIO, Millers Mutual Insurance


How do data & analytics help innovation for insurers?

Data & analytics help tell a story with the numbers. From this information and insight, insurers find areas that they can either improve on or be the first to market when it comes to offering a product.

How does Majesco’s Business Analytics improve insurer’s operations?

Insurers make crucial decisions quicker with a fuller understanding of what the marketplace is going through.

What role does analytics play in uncovering new opportunities?

Quite significantly. If there is an increasing demand for a product(s) or method(s) for customers, then insurers can capitalize on discovering and getting to market much quicker than before.

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