Game Changing Strategic Priorities Redefining Market Leaders

Understanding the future is all about signals – and we have had lots of them manifested in customer, channel, product, risk, technology, and competitor trends.  While the signals are there, not everyone sees them, understands them, or responds to them. 

These massive changes are having a two-fold impact on insurers. Not only must they adapt to these changes, but they need to reassess their strategies, priorities, and investments. Insurers must be nimble, creative — and bold — in order to flex to these signals and trends to remain competitive, relevant and to grow their business.

Strategic discussions on how insurers will prepare and manage the changes needed in their business models, products, channels, and technology are more important than ever because new signals will continue to emerge, adding further fuel to the pace of change. Our latest consumer and SMB research has identified growing interest and demand for new products, value-added services, channels, personalization, and digital expectations. The year 2023 is poised to deliver some game-changing scenarios that will impact insurance.

Today’s question is, “Can we afford to ignore the business and technology trends that are re-imagining the value proposition for insurance and the future business model?” The answer is no…because pausing or holding back now will only create a widening competitive gap, placing insurers’ businesses at risk.

Join this webinar, based on our 8th annual Strategic Priorities research, to find out how you compare to your peers in the industry.  Are you a Leader, Follower or Laggard? That answer will help you rethink your strategic priorities and investments to ensure a future of growth and success.

Denise Garth – Chief Strategy Officer, Majesco
Glenn Westlake – VP, Strategic Marketing, Majesco