Analytics Solutions

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Next Level of Innovation with Generative Artificial Intelligence

The launch of ChatGPT has unleashed the power and potential of generative AI and Majesco is at the forefront of the rapid evolution of insurance product and solution development with CoPilot. As a technology leader, we are creating a persistent competitive advantage for our customers to enhance efficiency, improve the customer/agent experience, and increase cost-effectiveness. The Generative AI model’s inherent ability to learn and improve will enable groundbreaking insights that will revolutionize the field of insurance.

Experience the Future of Analytics

Experience the future of insurance with Majesco CoPilot. Empower your business to generate valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your business, employees and results. With Majesco Copilot, you’re not just observing data – you’re actively shaping and optimizing the future of your business.

Embedded Intelligence

Majesco Copilot seamlessly embeds Generative AI models into our Core solution across policy, billing, claims, underwriting and loss control to enhance your business operation. The advanced analytical capabilities, use your own data and information to extract meaningful recommendations and insights to give you a competitive edge in the insurance landscape.

Revolutionize Your Insurance Business with Generative AI

Embrace the revolution of Generative AI that is just the beginning of a wildly transformative and innovative journey for insurance. Majesco Copilot empowers improved customer and employee experiences, deliver productivity and operational optimization to gain a competitive advantage that will reshape the way you do business.

Insurance Solutions

Property Intelligence

AI-powered insights to increase profitability through better risk selection and reduced underwriting expenses for P&C personal or commercial property.

Enhanced Employee and Customer Experience

  • Utilize AI-generated insights for effective addressing of employee and customer needs.
  • Offer tailored recommendations to boost productivity, satisfaction and engagement.
  • Enable personalized communications.

Data-Driven Brilliance: Unlock Success with Generative AI

  • Leverage Generative AI to continuously innovate with better data analytics and product/service enhancements.
  • Increase operational efficiency and improve decision-making processes using AI’s predictive and analytical capabilities.
  • Access real-time and actionable insights from vast and diverse data sets.

Innovate, Anticipate, Dominate: Unleash Competitive Advantage with Generative AI

  • Stay ahead of competitors to optimize and innovate your business.
  • Drive innovation by being the first to market with new products and customer experiences.
  • Gain a competitive edge through the use of advanced AI/ML models to develop unique and tailored insurance solutions.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a form of Artificial Intelligence that enables software to become extremely precise at predicting future outcomes without being programmed. Effectively learning from previous experience/events.

How does Machine Learning impact Claims Processing?

In insurance, claims processing has been known to be laborious and labor-intensive. Machine Learning is the prescription to decrease costs and time, from the submission of the claim to reviewing coverages.

Does Machine Learning help with fraud?

This is definitely the case. Machine Learning allows insurers to narrow in on potential fraudulent claims extremely early in the transaction. This plays a vital role for insurers to be given ample time to have a thorough investigation.

The Future Starts With Majesco