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Digital Solutions That Pave the Way for Growth

The pace for digitization is accelerating. Insurance companies must reinvent themselves as digital-first companies that can deliver customized products and highly personalized experiences to meet new expectations from customers and keep in step with the competition. Nothing satisfies a customer more than having a positive personal interaction with any company – even their insurer. By leveraging digital technologies, insurers can create a personalized, smooth experience across all aspects of the insurance lifecycle.

Digital 360 Solutions

Customers’ pace of digital adoption is accelerating, and insurers must go beyond the basic portals that automate customer tasks or transactions. Instead, insurers need to move from transactions to experiences.

Digital Customer360
for P&C

Our accelerator enables easier and more seamless interactions across policy, billing and claims – an intentional upgrade from the typical transactional experience through separate portals and applications.

Digital Underwriter360
for P&C

Our intelligent, insight-driven cloud-native SaaS, enhances underwriting efficiency and profitability, drives underwriter productivity and profitability, and creates greater transparency and collaboration with brokers.

Electronic Bill360 for P&C

Our seamless, fast and simple digital billing and payments app creates compelling and unified billing experiences for customers and agents.

Digital Agent360 for P&C

A solution that empowers agents and brokers with next-generation customer intelligence, insights, engagement, personalize and training so insurance can be sold faster and easier.

Digital1st® Platform

Our Digital1st® platform is built from the ground up to enable organizations to accelerate their journey on the digital maturity curve and pursue relentless innovation with speed and agility.

“We are thrilled with the success we’ve had with our next-gen agent portal built on Majesco Digital1st® Insurance since implementation last year. The power of the digital platform and the dynamic, real-time integration with the Majesco P&C Core Suite has enabled our agents to work seamlessly and provide customers with an accurate quote in real-time. I’ve never seen such a collaborative system and well-integrated platforms.”

Stacy Shaw, Senior Vice President and CIO, MMG


What is an Insurance Platform?

The heart of the insurance platform is an orchestration of next-gen technologies including cloud-native computing, microservices, APIs, new data sources, and artificial intelligence and machine learning, insurance specific capabilities and content, coupled with a vibrant ecosystem of partners that provide innovative or complementary products and services. This unified combination of components enables insurers to shift from being the owners of complex core systems to become the owners of greater technical agility and flexibility, digital fluency, innovation and speed to value that is required in today’s pace of change.

What is Digital Insurance Transformation?

We understand that digital transformation is a journey and believe that three steps to digital maturity – Digitize, Optimize, and Innovate – are required to build a sustainable, competitive advantage in today’s digital age.

What are the core technologies for platforms?

Core technologies for platforms include cloud computing, microservices, APIs, AI / ML, ecosystem, and new data sources.

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