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P&C Insurance Analytics Software

Powerful, Data-Driven Solutions that Uncover Strategic Insights

Data and analytics are redefining industry leaders. By leveraging real-time data from multiple sources and advanced AI/ML analytics and models, insurers can increase profitability, fuel innovation, growth, and digital transformation.


Analytics solutions enable businesses to create and share meaningful data insights that accelerate productivity, growth, and business transformation.

Business Intelligence for P&C

An advanced reporting, visualization and analytics platform to help insurers utilize their data as a strategic asset to elevate their P&C business.

Data Nexus

Unlocking transformational insights that power market leaders in a data-driven world with a robust enterprise data warehouse.

AI/ML Models

Powerful predictive and machine learning analytics, intelligent reports, and prescriptive actions to empower profitable business growth.

Property Intelligence for P&C

Increase your profitability and manage increasingly diverse property risks with next-gen underwriting.

“The Majesco core insurance, data, and cloud platforms provide forward-looking solutions that will enable our ability to create innovative insurance programs to support our growth strategy.”

Kerry Rademacher, VP Underwriting, CCMSI


How does P&C analytics improve underwriting?

P&C analytics enhance underwriting in many ways, from being able to better forecast risk, to boosting customer experience, and improving decision-making.

How is AI changing P&C analytics?

AI is playing a substantial role in the advancement of P&C analytics. Insurers are now able to effectively process and analyze massive amounts of diverse data that reveal insights that were previously not possible or feasible to produce.

What do Majesco P&C analytics solutions provide?

The ability to ingest and leverage numerous varieties and large volumes of data to identify insights that drive profitable business decisions across the entire P&C value chain.

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