Analytics Solutions

Insurance Data Analytics Software

Analytics to Drive Operational and Strategic Impact

A sophisticated platform that uses data as a strategic asset to drive innovation, growth, and profitability. It puts data in the hands of the right people at the right time so informative decisions can be made.

Accelerated Insights and Decisions

Enterprise-wide data access and visualization shortens the time for insights and decision-making.

Data as a True Strategic Asset

Create and share meaningful data insights that drive productivity and growth, while accelerating business transformation.

Create your Future

Unlock transformational insights to make your business a market leader in a data-driven world.

Transform Data into Results

Business Intelligence for P&C

Uncover opportunities for new and innovative P&C products and experiences.

Business Intelligence for L&AH

Unlock digital transformation potential with a powerful data platform for L&AH insurers.

Enhanced Decisions with Powerful Impact

Make the transition from being report-driven to data-driven…to insights-driven.

Confident Decisions Built on a Solid Data Foundation

With built-in data quality and business validation rules, make business decisions with rock-solid certainty.

Empowered Decisions

Powerful functionality and simple self-service interface empower decision makers across the business.

Millers Mutual Insurance is focused on becoming a mature, data-driven insurance company and we looked to the Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform to set the foundation for our current and future business intelligence needs.


How do data & analytics help innovation for insurers?

Data & analytics help tell a story with the numbers. From this information and insight, insurers find areas that they can either improve on or be the first to market when it comes to offering a product.

How does Majesco’s Business Analytics improve insurer’s operations?

Insurers make crucial decisions quicker with a fuller understanding of what the marketplace is going through.

What role does analytics play in uncovering new opportunities?

Quite significantly. If there is an increasing demand for a product(s) or method(s) for customers, then insurers can capitalize on discovering and getting to market much quicker than before.

The Future Starts With Majesco