Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence for P&C Insurance

Smart Decisions Derived From Your Data

Valuable data can be the difference between a mediocre customer experience to a long-lasting relationship. With Business Intelligence for P&C, you can unlock the true potential of digital transformation and turn data into real results.

Accelerated Time to Insight

Achieve reliable, complete access to all the data you need to uncover new opportunities and actionable insights across the business. Spend more time on insights and actions and less time on setup with our out-of-the-box capabilities, dashboards, and reports.

Enhanced Customer Focus

Funnel broad and diverse sets of data into a holistic view of your customers’ business and uncover new ways to connect.

Majesco Analytics

Business Intelligence for L&AH

Unlock digital transformation potential with a powerful data platform for L&AH insurers.

Future Proofed Data Framework

Collect, organize, and analyze data from all sources, whether new and traditional, to drive insights you can act on.

Astute Analytics

Robust business intelligence and analytics with over 300 standardized business reports, dashboards, scorecards, KPIs for claims, underwriting, policy, and billing functions.

Discover Differentiation

Reveal opportunities for growth, differentiation, efficiencies, and enhanced customer experience across the entire business.

“Robust data technology solutions, like Majesco Insurance Data and Analytics, can enable insurers to rapidly implement a comprehensive data environment to deliver the advanced reporting and analytics that meet the needs of their business.”

Martina Conlon, Head of P&C Insurance Practice, Aite-Novarica Group


What are data analytics?

Data analytics is the extraction, organization, and interpretation of raw data to reveal relevant trends and business metrics. These metrics have become the basis for better-informed decision-making, optimized processes, and the overall direction of the organization.

What is BI?

BI refers to Business Intelligence, which incorporates services and software to turn data into actionable insights that influence a business’s future business decisions.

How does machine learning help insurers?

ML is a technique of analyzing data that makes analytical model building automated. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that is built on identifying trends from data and making choices with little human element factored in. It allows insurers to project future trends and predict events before they even happen.

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