Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence for L&AH Insurance

Intelligent Insights

Next-generation data and analytics platform to capture, analyze and report data with powerful predictive and machine learning analytics, intelligent reports, and prescriptive actions to empower the business.

Empower Decision Making

Ease of data access, analysis and visualization empower all areas of the organization to improve decision-making.

Powerful Data and Analytics

Unlock digital transformation potential with a powerful data and analytics platform for L&AH insurers.

Majesco Analytics

Business Intelligence for P&C

Uncover opportunities for new and innovative P&C products and experiences.

Power to Analyze, Predict & Respond

Use powerful predictive and machine learning analytics to analyze broad data sets that uncover unique customer insights, predict future outcomes, and have a view into possible actions.

Effortless Integration

Pre-integrated with L&AH Core software, as well as easily integrated with other core, reporting or analytics solutions to help meet your business and data needs, today and for the long-term.

Speed to Insight and Action

Use a visualization layer for transparent access to the data, APIs to produce dashboards and URLs to embed dashboards into other applications.

“Investing in digital transformation and getting the most value from data and analytics are top of mind for insurance company executives. The focus on data and analytics is accelerating now especially as digitization and virtualized customer transactions grow.”

Keith Raymond, Principal Analyst, Celent


What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw forms of data to create insights for business decisions. Decisions about the direction of an organization are now being impacted by data analytics and the information it provides.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence utilizes services and software to turn data into actionable insights that influence an organization’s future business decisions.

What is machine learning?

A technique of analyzing data that makes analytical model building automated. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that is built on identifying trends from data and making choices with little human element factored in.

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