Resiliency in Times of Change: Rethinking Insurance to Help SMBs Thrive

Small-medium businesses (SMB) are the lifeblood and backbone for most markets. The SBA notes there are 32.5 million businesses in the US, representing 99.9% of all businesses. SMBs have endured a string of severe challenges over the past few years, including the COVID pandemic, inflation, supply chain challenges, rising interest rates, and low unemployment, among others.

But SMBs have proven their resiliency by investing and adapting through accelerated digitalization, shifting to online channels, rethinking the business model, and offering new products. Their remarkable resilience and capacity to adapt and innovate their businesses has allowed them to survive and thrive today and in the future.

As new economic challenges continue or intensify, the priority for adapting, innovating, and accelerating digital transformation with technology increases. The insurance industry must play a key role in helping SMBs in their transformation, making it more important than ever for insurers to have strategic discussions on how they will plan, prioritize, budget, and manage the changes needed in their business models, products, channels, and technology. Watch this webinar to get new insights into the SMB market that can help you shape your strategies and plans to drive growth in this vital market.

Denise Garth – Chief Strategy Officer, Majesco
Glenn Westlake – VP, Strategic Marketing, Majesco