Digital Insurance 2.0: Playbooks for L&A and Group Insurers to Win in the Digital Age

Product and process complexity of Insurance 1.0 has made it difficult to create meaningful engagement with customers, causing many to view insurance as a necessary evil … something they need but don’t necessarily want. For discretionary products like life insurance and voluntary employee benefits, this is an especially vexing issue.

The challenge gets even more intense with the rapidly growing new generation of insurance buyers, whose new digitally-driven behaviors and expectations create gaps between what they need and want, and what Insurance 1.0 business models are able to deliver.

These gaps are being closed by a new wave of insurance and benefits products emerging from Digital Insurance 2.0 companies. This report uses a unique framework to break down these new insurance business models into key components, helping to explain the “formulas” behind the innovative products and services they are using to capture a new generation of customers. The framework, combined with key insights from Majesco’s Consumer and SMB research, serves as a tool for insurers to develop ideas for new products, services and business models to add to their growth and innovation pipelines, and create their own unique L&A and Group playbooks for Digital Insurance 2.0.

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The Industry is Ripe for Innovation

The L&A and Group industry has experienced a long period of limited innovation, as well as a decline in insurance ownership over the last 30+ years. Think about it: What were the last innovative ideas intro­duced into the industry before the digital age and the emergence of InsurTech?

Old Playbooks Must be Updated

Customers, both businesses and consumers, are driving new expectations and defining what they deem as superior experience and value. They are reaching beyond, “Will my family be protected if I die?” and into “What if I could outlive my need for life insurance coverage and maintain a superior quality of life?”

The Time to Act is Now

There is a positive sign for L&A and Group insurers. Significant pressures within L&A Insurance 1.0 models are pushing L&A insurers to adopt more strategic approaches (as opposed to tactical efforts) when compared to P&C insurers. This may allow them to more rapidly shift to Digital Insurance 2.0.

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