ClaimVantage Releases Results from FMLA and PFL Knowledge Gap Survey

Press Release

The research found a significant FMLA and PFL Knowledge Gap among both employees and managers  Portland, Maine, November 20th, 2019 - ClaimVantage, an international provider of life, disability and absence management software solutions, has today released a report “The FMLA and PFL Knowledge Gap: Employee & Front-line Manager Insights,” identifying a significant Knowledge Gap in the levels of understanding of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Paid Family Leave (PFL), among employees and managers.  Research studies across the absence management industry focus on the impacts of regulatory compliance, absence administration, and tracking from the perspectives of employer organizations and absence management administrators. Having identified a gap in the research, ClaimVantage set out to gain a 360 view of leave programs. Taking a unique approach, this proprietary research explores the levels of understanding of FMLA, PFL and absence reporting methods, among employees and front-line managers tasked with employee absence management.   The research uncovered a significant PFL Knowledge Gap™ among front-line managers, suggesting that those tasked with employee absence management struggle to fully understand the state-mandated regulations required for regulatory compliance. The research also found that employees were more knowledgeable about PFL regulations when compared to managers.   The FMLA Knowledge Gap™ among both employees and managers was over 45%, meaning more than 45% of participants answered one or both survey questions incorrectly. This finding raises compliance concerns for employers, who are required to offer FMLA, who use front-line managers to manage employee absence. Considering FMLA has been around since 1993, we would have expected that the Knowledge Gap would be lower. However, this survey suggests that employers need to ensure those administering employee absences are educated on the applicable rules and regulations.  Survey participants included 1200 managers and employees from US companies with at least 100 employees. Only managers with direct reports who were responsible for managing employee absences were included.   Following the success of a recent webinar, “Understanding Absence – What Your Employees Think They Know,” as part of the DMEC Tools & Tactics series, ClaimVantage is sharing this report to offer insights to employers, TPAs, and insurance carriers responsible for employee absence management. The report entitled “The FMLA and PFL Knowledge Gap: Employee and Manager Insights" is available for download on the ClaimVantage website. 

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