Greenfields and Startups: Accelerating and Paving the Path to Digital Insurance 2.0

If an insurer hasn’t yet wrestled with the necessity for change, this is the crossroads moment to under­stand the shifting market, adapt and swiftly take action. Opportunities abound for incumbent insurers who move quickly and decisively to Digital Insurance 2.0 with new Greenfields.

Innovative products and business models, from both existing and new entrants, are rewriting the rules of business. They are redesigning organizational and business model structures, and how products and services are defined and delivered. They are using digital technology and data and analytics to better understand, underwrite and service their customers with tailored products and services that are more personalized than ever and meet the under- or unmet needs of a rapidly changing market.

Greenfields and Startups Path to Digital Insurance 2.0

A Market Shift is Upon Us

Sometimes a big market shift isn’t easy to spot and often it’s too late once it is noticed. We have seen the results of this phenomenon in many industries where the leading brands are no longer relevant or are just surviving and, for some, are no longer in existence. Could a major insurance company be the next to stumble?

Responding is a C-Level Priority

As a result, growth and innovation through Greenfields, startups and InsurTech has moved to the top of mind for CEOs and Boards of nearly every insurer and reinsurer as they try to understand how to leverage the shift and develop strategies and plans to respond.

The Time to Act is Now

Fortunately, there is an opportunity for incumbent insurers to shape the change started by InsurTech, but only if they get in the game and begin the journey to Digital Insurance 2.0. While the disruption is in the early stages and has only begun to scratch the surface of opportunities, the time to participate is now.

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