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MajescoMastek Introduces Elixir Distribution Management Producer Self-Service Portal

Press Release

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, February 22, 2012— From LIMRA’s 2012 Distribution Conference in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, MajescoMastek, the U.S. subsidiary of global technology solutions provider Mastek Limited (NSE: MASTEK), introduced the Elixir Distribution Management Producer Self-Service Portal (EDM Producer Portal), an extension and enhancement to MajescoMastek’s Elixir Distribution Management (EDM) offering. Like other MajescoMastek solutions, EDM, including the EDM Producer Portal, is a web-based offering, enabling it to be delivered through traditional software licensing or via a private Cloud option.

EDM, with the new Producer Portal, is available for immediate delivery and for use as a standalone solution, with MajescoMastek’s Elixir Policy Administration System, or with the STG Suite of products. EDM and the Producer Portal can be used by both Property & Casualty and Life & Annuity carriers to increase distribution channel productivity and enhance the relationship between producers (agents, broker/dealers) and the carriers they represent.

The Producer Portal is designed to allow producers to easily communicate with carriers on all aspects of their business. By providing internet connectivity from any location and via any device, including mobile, carriers have the ability to create a truly virtual work environment with producers, as well as home office staff, located where they can be most productive and cost effective.

Highlights of the EDM Producer Portal include:

  • Close integration with MajescoMastek’s Elixir Distribution Management (EDM),
  • An end-to-end online experience for producer and management, including:
  • Graphical views of performance, portfolio, and compensation,
  • Production and commission tracking,
  • Appointments and reminders to manage day-to-day activity,
  • Three different views/access points designed for the unique user experience and requirements of agency, agent/producer, and management;
  • Seamless plug-in to existing portal enterprises.

“As mobile devices become more prevalent and a new generation of producer joins the workforce, the demand for carriers to deliver anywhere, anytime information and functionality is only going to increase. MajescoMastek has the forethought to design our solutions to take advantage of the most modern web technologies, and that puts us in a good position to easily extend our offerings with options like the new Producer Self-Service Portal to help carriers respond quickly, easily, and without disruption to their technology infrastructure,” commented Erik Stockwell, MajescoMastek’s senior vice president.

Stockwell added, “MajescoMastek appreciates what modern technologies can do and we combine that appreciation with our skilled technologists and developers, creating the opportunity for us to do some very innovative things to help the insurance industry not just keep up with the times, but to define the times.”