Majesco Kicks Off the New Year with its Strategic Partner Summit: 200+ Attendees from 12 Partners

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Majesco brought strategic partners and senior leadership together to share and discuss products, sales, marketing and delivery strategies to accelerate digital transformation in the industry

Morristown, NJ – January 19, 2021  –  Majesco, a global provider of cloud insurance software solutions, today announced the successful completion of its Strategic Partner Summit that brought together both senior leadership and practitioners from 12 different companies.  Attendees shared and discussed Majesco’s strategy and plans to work together across product, sales, marketing and delivery for Majesco’s portfolio of next-gen cloud platform solutions, including the newest acquisition, ClaimVantage. The event was held over two days and included sessions from various members of Majesco’s senior leadership and product management teams. 

In its inaugural year, Majesco hosted over 200 attendees from 12 strategic partners including CapGemini, Deloitte, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft and PwC.  Opening the meeting was CEO Adam Elster and Chief Product Officer Manish Shah, who provided an overview on Majesco’s business and product strategies, followed by the marketing, sales and delivery strategies in the afternoon. The second day provided detailed insight on Majesco’s product portfolio. 

“One of our four strategic focus areas in our 2019 Strategy was to build a Partner Program. Our ability to scale and grow the business is critical and expanding our strategic partner relationships plays a major role,” stated Adam Elster. “Demand is growing as insurers look to modernize and optimize their existing business by replacing legacy systems. They are selecting and implementing next-gen core, digital, data and distribution platforms in the cloud.  In the last 12 months, we have rapidly expanded our strategic partner program and with the expertise the partners bring it is fantastic to see a strategy that we set, committed to and invested in show real results for our customers.”

The insurance industry is rapidly pivoting to a digital operating model that requires speed-to-value and customer-focused products, as well as services that continually adapt to changing market dynamics and customer behaviors. With this continuous change, the power of partnerships is more important than ever to navigate and adapt to change, creating a competitive edge.

“We are always grateful for the opportunity to connect with our partners. The

valuable input, expertise and industry insight they provide is critical to helping us

fulfill our strategic vision and further solidify our place as an industry leader,” says Ed Ossie, Majesco’s Chief Operating Officer. “It was an insightful and productive two days that created great excitement and momentum regarding the upcoming joint programs that will help the industry and our customers take on the future of insurance.”

Majesco is proud to collaborate with the best in the industry to reach new markets and support our customers as they shape the future of their business. For a complete list of Majesco partners, please visit:

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Majesco provides technology, expertise, and leadership that helps insurers modernize, innovate and build the future of their business – and the future of insurance –

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