Majesco Continues Expansion of Majesco EcoExchange Marketplace with Two New Partners

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Claim Genius and Livegenic added to provide extended claims capabilities to the Majesco EcoExchange

Morristown, NJ – February, 25th 2021 – Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance platform software for insurance business transformation, today announced the expansion of two new partnerships and apps in the Majesco EcoExchange, a curated live, plug-n-play ecosystem and service hub of the Majesco Digital1st® Insurance platform. These new apps will provide innovative claims capabilities for insurers to accelerate their business transformation and address the increasing demand for digital claims, which has risen as a result of COVID.   

“Majesco EcoExchange is a next-generation marketplace of partners apps designed to help the insurance industry meet the demands of today’s digital customer,” says Manish Shah, President and Chief Product Officer at Majesco. “Claims has risen in priority for digital transformation which Digital1st® and the partner marketplace can rapidly respond to.  We’re proud to work with a growing list of partners to bring today’s most innovative apps to the Majesco EcoExchange and provide customers with access to the innovative technology that can transform their business and better serve customers and agents.”

Majesco’s EcoExchange has a variety of apps available to enable all aspects of the insurance value chain, ranging from a non-interactive service call to a comprehensive solution that can orchestrate multiple provider services. Majesco has recently executed partnership agreements with ClaimGenius and Livegenic.

Claim Genius

Based in Iselin, New Jersey, with development centers in Nagpur and Hyderabad, Claim Genius, Inc. is a rapidly emerging leader of AI-based claims solutions for the auto insurance industry. Its patent-pending AI technology provides the industry’s fastest and most accurate damage estimates, using the latest high-performance cloud frameworks. Their unique and powerful Computer Vision AI stack uses sophisticated object detection and image analysis algorithms to instantly identify vehicle damage, position, severity, and lists of damaged parts, including hidden damage deep inside the vehicle. This technology is critical to allowing the company to make decisions right away and get their customer back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Compared to traditional methods of inspections, its technology can save customers both time and money.

“We understand how critical technology has become to consumers in the auto industry which is why we’re continuing to partner with companies like Majesco who are forward thinking, market driven and committed to providing the best-in-class experience to meet customer expectations,” says Raj Pofale, Founder of CEO of Claims Genius. “We’re proud to join Majesco’s EcoExchange and share our AI technology that helps customers reduce claims processing time, increases carrier profitability, and revolutionizes the claims experience for insurance customers worldwide.”


Livegenic, a Claim Central Consolidated Company, is the industry-leading virtual collaboration platform for insurance. They provide carriers, TPAs, and other insurance organizations with a comprehensive suite of mobile and browser-based solutions that enable them to virtually inspect claims at any time, and in any environment. Livegenic’s mobile platform offers a wide variety of inspection tools, each designed to support specific workflows and usecases – including real-time video streaming, asynchronous customer self-service, and professional on-site inspection.

“We're thrilled to join Majesco’s EcoExchange marketplace, it will enable our clients and partners to easily integrate the Majesco platform with the service suite provided by the Claim Central Ecosystem - including the full Livegenic mobile and web platform, the ClaimLogik Plus platform, and the TradesPlus network." says Olek Shestakov, CEO of Livegenic. “We’re eager to help carriers across the globe deliver world-class solutions to their customers, clients and insureds.”

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