Majesco’s 2023 Product Council Sets New Standard for Success, Featuring Customer Panel and Inspiring Success Stories

Press Release

Morristown, NJ – May 18th, 2023 - Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance software solutions for business transformation, today announced the incredible results of its 2023 Product Council. With the participation of over 425 customers and partners from 70+ organizations across the industry, the virtual gathering showcased an enthusiastic response to Majesco's cutting-edge solutions following the recent Spring Release.

"The success of our 2023 Product Council event is a testament to Majesco's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions," said Adam Elster, CEO of Majesco. "We are proud to have facilitated a platform for customers to share their inspiring stories and demonstrate the value that Majesco's software solutions bring to the insurance industry. We believe this open dialogue and communication allows us to plan, invest and deliver solutions that help our customers today and in the future."

Highlights from Majesco’s Product Council Include:

Customer Panel: Inspiring Success Stories

Attendees from MMG Insurance, Philadelphia Insurance, and Forge Group took center stage to share their success stories, demonstrating the power of Majesco solutions to accelerate their digital transformation, drive elevated operational results and empower innovation. 

Chris Maple, Product Management Director at MMG Insurance noted, “We’ve reaped big benefits of rolling out our new portal using Majesco Digital1st® with several agents telling us it looks like the platform was built by an agent. Since implementation we’ve seen a 6% increase in quote volume, 7% increase in hit ratio, and 10% increase in DWP.”

Richard Hutchinson, President and COO of Forge Group went on to say, “Implementation of Majesco Intelligent Core and the Digital360 solutions has positioned us to compete in the 21st century and to accelerate launch of innovative products.”

Introducing the Intelligent Core and New Enhancements

Majesco product experts took customers through the benefits and features of its latest release, Majesco Intelligent Core, which will revolutionize insurer’s approaches by infusing core operations with data and analytics, including natural language processing with Majesco GPT. This innovative concept empowers insurers to make more informed decisions, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive unparalleled operational performance. 

Majesco sessions reviewed a host of key new enhancements to its software solutions, elevating their capabilities and enriching user experiences. These enhancements include a user-friendly interface, advanced analytics functionalities, improved customer engagement features, expanded line of business capabilities and more.

Partnerships and Customer Success: A Collaborative Journey

Majesco reiterated its commitment and investment in collaborating with leading partners to expand its offerings and enhance the customer experience. Ajay Radhakrishnan, Partner at Deloitte notes, “Majesco demonstrated their focus on innovation during the product council.  They are leading the industry in the application of ChatGPT within intelligent core solutions. It is terrific to see the narrative response frame that ChatGPT pioneered being practically adapted to insurance queries creating real value and differentiation.” 

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